76ers Finally Not the Worst Team in The NBA


After 4 straight seasons of an under .500 record and 3 straight seasons with a top 3 pick in the draft, it’s finally beginning to make sense why the Philadelphia 76ers’ slogan “Trust the Process” has relevance.

Starting the 2017 new year strong, the 76ers have a 3-1 record in the month of January and already have more wins this season (11-25) than the season prior (10-72).

Not only are things looking up for Philadelphia as a team, but one of their future stars and the 4th leader in Eastern Conference frontcourt fan votes (457,300), Joel Embiid is beginning to find his place in the NBA in his “rookie” season.

Embiid is racking up points in 2017 so far (22.3 PPG) and his effort has helped the 76ers go 5-5 in their last 10 games.

While Jahlil Okafor had a spectacular rookie season last year (1st Team All-Rookie), he’s had less and less of a role on the 76ers this season, with him averaging 8 less minutes per game this year than his rookie season.

Philadelphia’s looking for teams bidding on Nerlens Noel, who also can’t seem to find his role on what is becoming Joel Embiid’s team. It wouldn’t come to any surprise if Noel was gone before the trade deadline (Feb. 23). There have been trade rumors about Noel possibly landing in Boston, Los Angeles (Lakers) and also Portland. Depending on what Philly gets in return, Okafor might find his way out of the city of brotherly love as well. Giving Philadelphia another opportunity to pick up some great talent to compliment Embiid.

With the 76ers having their best win percentage since 2013, it’ll bring even more hope to their fan base when number 1 overall pick Ben Simmons finally gets to make his debut in the regular season.

Photo from Clutch Points

Simmons has competed in the 76ers 5-on-0 drills in practice, so it’s only a matter of time before Simmons gets on the court this year.

Now that the Sixers are finally able to be optimistic, the opposite has happened to the Nets, Heat and Mavericks franchises.

The Brooklyn Nets are in desperation to get draft picks after giving all of theirs’ up to the Celtics in 2013 when trying to form their Senior home “Superteam” with Kevin Garnett (37), Paul Pierce (36), Deron Williams (29) and Joe Johnson (32). Now they’ve put Brook Lopez on the trade block and sit at the bottom of the league at 8-29.

The Miami Heat have no Chris Bosh (IR) and Goran Dragic hasn’t been the leader they need in Miami along with emerging All-Star Hassan Whiteside. Miami’s 11-29 and look like they’re in deep trouble with no members of the Big 3 in sight anymore.

Lastly, the Dallas Mavericks are 11-27 with more problems than a math test. There’s no forsure leader in Dallas, Harrison Barnes and Wesley Matthews aren’t fit to play the superstar roles that they’ve been given this year and Dirk Nowitzki is on his last leg in the NBA.

If you ever doubted or thought Philadelphia was crazy for “tanking,” Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are going to show you exactly why you should “Trust the Process.”

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