Andre Drummond to start shooting underhanded free throws?


Detroit Pistons star Center, Andre Drummond, is coming fresh off what was probably one of the worst free throwing shooting seasons in NBA history. Drummond only hit 35% of his free throws which is lowest ever for someone who shot as many as he did (586).

He really sucks at shooting free throws, here’s a video of him airballing 2 free throws in a row. How is this even possible???

This abysmal shooting prompted Piston’s head coach Stan Van Gundy to tell the Detroit News in an interview that they’re considering to make Andre Drummond start shooting underhanded free throws.

“As far as shooting underhand or anything else, it’s fair to say my discussion with Andre yesterday and the discussions Jeff and I have had and staff — everything is on the table,” Van Gundy said of Drummond’s free throw mechanics.

Wow. If that’s true it’d be hilarious and quite embarrassing, I imagine, for Drummond. I still can’t for the life of me, understand how you can be paid millions of dollars to play basketball, and still not be able to hit free throws. This wouldn’t be the first time an NBA player shot underhanded free throws. For the old timers that remember Rick Barry, he also used to shoot underhanded free throws.

Granny shots seemed to have worked for Rick Barry, who shot 89% from the charity stripes for his career. That number would be right there among the best in NBA today. Andre Drummond should really consider shooting like this if he really is that hopeless.

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