Video: Andre Iguodala Pranks Festus Ezeli


For April Fools Day, Andre Iguodala pranks his teammate Festus Ezeli, and he got him good..well actually he got him very good!  Take a look below.

This was a great team effort to prank the back up center, but man was this cruel. Check his face after he hears it on the radio. This will definitely go down as one of the best pranks in NBA history. It was a well executed prank, no one was hurt, and nothing was ruined. ESPN’s Skip Bayless says Andre went overboard with the prank, and he didn’t find it funny.

Did Andre go too far with this prank or was it justified?

It’s not like he filmed his teammate without his knowledge, and then leaked the video to the entire world. Especially if that teammate was talking about cheating on his girl friend. Now that would be a great case of a “bad prank.” It’s a good thing that no one has ever done that!

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Aaron is a staff writer and the Co-Founder of NBALEAD. He has been following the NBA for over 15 years. Graduated from Purdue University.

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