Does Australia pose a threat to team USA?


As expected, the United States men’s basketball team has made it look easy. They have won both of their first two Olympic games by a combined 101 points. The blowouts have been so incredible, people are questioning whether or not Team USA should only use players under 23 years old to make the games more competitive.  Coming in to the Olympics,  there were only two teams that were expected to slightly challenge the U.S. team which was Spain, led by Pau Gasol, and France, led by Tony Parker. Spain has begun the Olympics 0-2 after two very close losses to Croatia and Brazil. France’s opening game could not have been worse, getting beat by 21 points by Australia.

After two games, Australia has now become the favorite to have the greatest chance at upsetting the dominant United States team. After beating France by 21 points, Australia followed that up with a 15 point victory over Serbia. Australia, led by NBA players Patty Mills, Andrew Bogut, and Matthew Dellavedova, will now get their biggest test of the tournament where they will go up against the heavy Gold Medal favorites, the United States. So does Australia really pose a threat to the United States?

After looking impressive in their first two games, people are desperately trying to find a team to compete with the United States. No one wants to watch the U.S. win every game by over 40 points. So Australia has emerged as the team that is getting the most discussion about having the best chance at upsetting the United States.

The reality is that it is not going to happen. The United States, led by Kevin Durant, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and plenty other NBA stars, will not lose to a team that has one NBA starter on its team. Australia has a great chance at winning the Bronze or Silver, but they will not beat the United States. It is understandable people are looking for a team to emerge as a threat to the United States like Spain did in the last two Olympic Games. It makes for a better tournament, more exciting games, and higher television ratings. However, this year, it is not going to happen. Expect the United States to win this game by a large margin and continue to breeze through this Olympic tournament.

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