Knicks to Finally Get Their Super Team?


Well, it happened.

The New York Knicks (10-40) have made the biggest trade of the 2018-19 season, acquiring Dennis Smith Jr., Wesley Mathews and DeAndre Jordan from the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Kristaps Porzingis, Courtney Lee and Tim Hardaway Jr.

This is HUGE for both teams and will truly shake up the entire NBA. The trade also opens up a projected $74.6M in cap space for the Knicks, allowing the team to sign two max contracts for the coming offseason. Both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are free agents this summer and have expressed their interest in playing for the Knicks multiple times.


Not only can they sign two superstars in free agency, but the team is also still on track to have a high draft pick. With college prospects such as Zion Williamson (Duke), R.J Barrett (Duke), Ja Morant (Murray State) and many more, it almost seems impossible for the Knicks to “lose” in the draft. The addition of one of these players would add to the already young group in New York (youngest in the NBA).


It has become evident that the Knicks are attempting to build for the future, but the big question is: will it work? Kevin Durant has made it clear to the press that he is “going where the money is” next season. The Knicks now have the money to offer him along with Kyrie Irving, who has said he’d love to play in New York. If these two came together in New York, the Knicks would be a dangerous contender in the East for a very long time. Although the team is struggling now with a league-worst 10-40 record, there is still a very bright future for the young squad.

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