Bucks Make Magic Vanish in Potential Playoff Preview


Is there any more exciting intrigue in the NCAA men’s tournament than the 1 vs. 16 showdown? Either it’s an impressive tune-up for the Final Four favorite, or, perhaps, a historic upset. Considering 16 seeds are 1-139 all-time, however, an upset is especially unusual. Thankfully, the Bucks will be in a similar situation as the top seed in the east, with NBA 1 seeds only losing in the first round five times. However, perhaps the 22-30 Magic would use some Abra-Kadabra to plant a seed of doubt in the Bucks’ mind Saturday evening. Orlando needed the confidence to convince Milwaukee that, like the 2012 76ers, the underdog always has a chance.

Magic Turns Goofy

Just miles away from the Magic Kingdom, the NBA franchise used Mickey Mojo to keep the game close. Surprisingly, they only trailed 24-29 after the first quarter. According to Phil Jackson, the ten-point threshold is crucial in basketball psychologically. This fact is because even three straight threes can’t tie the game. Well, considering Orlando was only 10 of 40 from distance, that scenario was rather implausible. Eric Bledsoe, an underrated, focused and competitive player, removed even that possibility with a wicked spin move Packer hero Preston Smith would significantly admire.


Shortly after that, Giannis broke Orlando’s heart in a busted play.


After a Brook Lopez three with 5:24 left in the third, the Bucks led by 27. Still, Orlando wouldn’t be much a determined under-Donald if they didn’t try to fight back. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose one’s concentration with a 25+ point lead. With 3:51 left, a Markelle Fultz trey narrowed the deficit to ten. Thankfully, Giannis (concluding just one assist short of a triple-double) grabbed a crucial board (2:57 mark) to seal the W. Giannis is playing incredibly this season. A second MVP is a probable scenario for the pride of Milwaukee.

[fvplayer id=”150″]

Ultimately, the Bucks proudly proclaimed their status of Eastern Conference Semifinal front-runner. What’s left to accomplish in an almost guaranteed stampede to the top record?

Staring At Predators Without Fear

With 30 games left, Bucks fans are already in an extremely advantageous situation. Should we wish away those games until the playoffs? Heck no! Followers should appreciate the current moment. Whether or not the Bucks reach 70 wins, each win is monumentally pleasing. Also, every triumph improves Milwaukee’s morale and motivation for April. If the Bucks swat away the Nets or Magic, as followers expect, a determined contender will invade the Forum. There’s every reason, then, not to overlook each opportunity to prepare for a quick spring sweep. While the Bucks glare at the Magic now, they are instilling fear that will result in four quick not-so-shining moments in a wonderous speedy playoff exit.

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