Buyout Market Best Bet to Bolster Lakers’ Bigs?


With the second half of the 2020-21 season underway, the Los Angeles Lakers need to dive deep into their current roster setup.

The team currently sits third in the West behind both the Utah Jazz and the red-hot Phoenix Suns. Getting forward Anthony Davis back from injury will be a huge boost for the team as they are in the midst of a two-game losing streak. The duo of AD and LeBron James has proven to be one of the most lethal over the past two seasons, but it doesn’t hurt to add another superstar/all-star type caliber player to the equation.

The Brooklyn Nets have already begun this process with Blake Griffin becoming the newest addition to an already-stacked roster. Teams like the Clippers, Suns and Jazz may also be looking to bulk up their rosters in hopes of making a deep playoff run. The Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks certainly can’t be forgotten either as a potential NBA Finals matchup. The Lakers know how critical it is to add a player from the buy-out/trade market and must act fast. Here are two players the Lakers should look to add in order to bolster their roster.

Possible Reunion with Boogie Cousins

Coming off a title run with the Golden State Warriors in the 2018-2019 season, DeMarcus Cousins was determined to make it back. He had just signed with the Lakers during that summer and looked to be reunited with AD.

Just as the 2019-20 season was set to begin, Cousins tore his ACL in a pickup game. This was such tragic news to hear from both a fan and team aspect. Getting the chance to see LeBron, AD and Cousins share the hardwood together was something that had Lakers’ fans excited. A second chance at seeing this trio play together would be mouthwatering.

After being waived by the Houston Rockets in February, Cousins is officially a free agent again. In 25 games this season, Boogie averaged nine points and seven rebounds. These are relatively low numbers for the 11-year veteran as he had mainly come off the bench for Houston this season.

With a target date not yet specified for AD’s return, the Lakers could very much use Cousins’ frontcourt play. He would provide instant scoring in the paint while stretching his game past the three-point line. People may say Marc Gasol does the same thing, but not at Cousins’ potential level of production. Boogie can defend at a high level too, something the Lakers desperately need.

Whether or not both sides share a mutual interest in a possible reunion, it would be a low-risk, high-reward move for any team.

All In for Drummond

With a need in the frontcourt, Cleveland Cavaliers’ center Andre Drummond just may be the Lakers’ guy. There is reportedly mutual interest between both sides if Cleveland were to reach a buyout with Drummond.

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Adding Drummond to a lineup with LeBron and AD would be dynamic. His prolific rebounding and ability to score down low would draw defenses to the paint, leaving more space for AD and LeBron to go to work. A walking double-double every night, Drummond has averaged 17 points and 13 rebounds in 25 games played this season. Drummond also has three 20-20 games this season and is one of a handful of players to do so. the best player the Lakers could add that would fortify their title defense.

With already notching two all-star appearances under his belt, Drummond could still be scratching the surface. Having played in small markets to begin his career, a legitimate change of scenery may be just what Drummond needs. Playing in a large market that is Los Angeles can sometimes bring the best out of players.

And with a great leader and mentor in LeBron, Drummond may just need a team that finally believes in his extraordinary talent. If able to find his way to LA, Dre can potentially be the cornerstone piece the Lakers need to win not only this year, but for years to come.

A Move is a Must

The Lakers knew it was going to be tough when AD became sidelined with an injury, but not this tough. Asking a 36-year-old LeBron to carry a team, even though he has been super human this season, is a tall task to ask of from The King. It’s also incredibly imperative that the Lakers climb back to the top spot in the West to ensure homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs. Not having to play four out of seven games in either Utah or Phoenix would be a huge plus for the Lakers and something we cannot stress enough.

With having an already ailing Davis while needing to find rest for LeBron, the Lakers must make a power move. Standing pat may be all it takes to leave the purple and gold in the dust.

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