Byington, Koehn Excited to Voice Latest Bucks Era


When fans in Milwaukee hear the phrase “it’s a new era,” that normally means the team isn’t doing too well.

That’s usually the nice way of saying “yeah, we’re in a rebuild.” But as fans know, the Bucks ‘Big Three’ aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So what’s the latest Bucks era in Milwaukee then?

Aside from the potential NBA dynasty the Bucks are capable of, a nostalgic era of broadcasting concluded with last year’s championship. Although Jim Paschke introduced the Bucks during their ring ceremony on opening night — and Bryn Forbes when he returned to Milwaukee, too — he was technically a guest speaker.

The term “guest speaker” is merely disrespectful, considering Paschke is an immediate member of the Milwaukee Bucks family.

Nonetheless, it’s true that Paschke is no longer Bucks TV’s play-by-play announcer. It’s also accurate that Ted Davis is no longer calling games for Bucks radio either.

Surely, this isn’t news to anybody who follows the Deer. Still, that doesn’t make it any less difficult to digest.

What does make this transition accessible, however, is the incredible play-by-play talent Milwaukee landed.


Thousands of children across the world have aspirations of becoming involved in professional sports. Many want to play, while others might want to train or aide players. Some kids also grow up with a fascination of calling games. It’s a unique desire and even rarer opportunity, especially for women.

Lisa Byington and the Bucks, however, may have made that opportunity a little bit easier for young women to obtain.

Byington embarks a new norm for the NBA. Women are becoming more applicable in major men’s sports, and deservingly so. Although this accomplishment is indeed astounding, it should ideally (and respectively) become a matter of the past.

The new voice of the Bucks is optimistic that women being hired for similar roles won’t be a major deal in the future.

As Byington files this historic chapter in her life, she must be aware of the shoes she’s about to fill. Those are shoes that generations of Bucks fans felt were cemented underneath the broadcaster’s booth.

Although some ‘getting used to’ is now necessary for Bucks fans, it’s imperative fans embrace the present and look forward to what’s ahead. It appears Byington is perfectly capable of achieving even more milestones with the Bucks.

With a consistently avid approach, Lisa Byington delivers the game professionally. She is vividly passionate and offers a delightful tone of voice.


Corresponding the retirement of Jim Paschke was the departure of long-time Bucks radio play-by-play analyst, Ted Davis. For Bucks fans across southeastern Wisconsin, this adieu will likely take some healing too.

Much like the unique acquisition of Lisa Byington, Dave Koehn retains a one-of-a-kind voice that compliments the game particularly well. Similar to Davis, Koehn was a play-by-play commentator in the NCAA before moving to the NBA level.

“The Bucks are a world-class organization in a first-rate city, and I am thrilled to make Milwaukee my home.” Koehn addressed to Bucks media.

Looks like Dave’s new home wont require much landscape duties!

Koehn began calling games for the University of Virginia men’s basketball and football teams in July 2008. He was fortunate enough to call the 2019 NCAA Championship game, where his esteemed Virginia Cavaliers were victorious.

Capping off the new broadcast era is former Wisconsin Badger Ben Brust, who has replaced yet another long-tenured Wisconsin sports analyst in Dennis Krause.


This latest era of Bucks broadcasting is not a highlight of departure. As doors of opportunities open up around the league, the Bucks family continues to grow.

The eminent signings of Lisa Byington and Dave Koehn signify an intriguing future. The Milwaukee Bucks organization is proud to welcome Byington and Koehn to the team, and fans should be excited to tune in this season.

Unfortunately, the Bucks injury plague has postponed the true excitement that this team is capable of delivering. Much like this previous offseason, Byington and Koehn must remain patient. Despite the home opener against the Nets, the Bucks have been without their projected starting five all season long.

So when the Bucks return to their championship form, fans can expect some epic highlights voiced by Milwaukee’s most modern commentary.

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