Courtney Lee Upset at Wizards Assistant Coach


In the closing moments of last night’s loss to the Washington Wizards, Knicks guard Courtney Lee had what appeared to be a clean look at a game tying three. But he chose not to shoot, instead, he drove and kicked to Brandon Jennings who could not get the shot off.

Courtney Lee’s reason for not shooting was an interesting one. He states that he was tricked by the Wizards assistant coach Sidney Lowe. He states:

“I thought it was one of their players because I was getting ready to shoot and in my peripheral you see a body right there and he is saying, ‘I am right here! I am right here! I got your stunt!’” Lee explained. “Usually in basketball terminology, that is a switch or I am going to jump out, so I shot-faked and drove. I still should have shot the shot.”

It is understood why a player would have an issue with a coach coming that far off the bench.  But a shooters mentality is always to shoot first and ask questions later. Lee made it clear that he knows that.

“I think it’s something they [the NBA] need to take a look at … Being a basketball player you play off of instincts, and if you hear somebody right there, that’s why I try to make the right play. But I still should have shot it.”

After last nights loss, the New York Knicks are 19-25 on the season.  They have loss their last 12 out of 15 games.

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