The Probability of Steph Curry Leaving GSW?


Many of us basketball fans are wondering how will this new Warriors team pan out.  Specific questions such as, “who will be the primary scorer” or “who will get the last second shot, Curry or Durant” are being asked by many.  These are all legitimate questions, which we won’t find out until the season actually begin.  But what if these two mega superstars don’t get along, and one of them (Kevin Durant) begins taking all of the shots?  Well according to Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher, an NBA title contender is waiting for this to happen.  Bucher said:

“There are 29 teams hoping the chemistry between Kevin Durant and Steph Curry is poisonous, but there is one team that is planning for it. I’ve been told by one of the league’s title contenders that they hope to poach Curry. They see KD taking the last-minute shots that were once Curry’s domain. Their pitch will be, ‘Come to us, and you can be the man once more.”

Now we are not going to play the guessing game on who the title contender is, but what are the chances of Steph Curry leaving GSW?  Well this isn’t Vegas, but there’s a slim chance of him leaving and here’s why.

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant will have no problem at all when it comes to who’s going to take the last second shot, or who’s going to lead the team in scoring.  Remember Steph Curry is one of the most efficient players we have ever seen.  He led the NBA in scoring with 30.1 PPG, attempting only 20 field goals per game. He doesn’t need a ton of shots to get his points because of how efficient he is, which means Durant will still be able to get his buckets.  Another key point to consider is that, Durant and Curry might be two of the most unselfish superstars that we have ever seen.  Curry basically allowed Draymond Green to run the offense, and we all know who ran the offense in Oklahoma City.  So neither one of these guys will have a problem with taking less shots, for the good of the team.

This is not saying that the Warriors won’t have any problems next season, because they still have to prove that they can lock up on the defensive end.





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