Curry on Loss To The Grizzlies: “There’s No Panic At All”


In a game that appeared to be a blow out, the Golden State Warriors have found another way to blow a big lead.  The Memphis Grizzlies trailed by as many as 24 points to the Golden State Warriors during the second half of last night’s game.

But the Warriors late game struggles, caused them the game.

Despite Curry having one of his best scoring performances of the season (40 points, 15-27 FG), fourth quarter problems continue to haunt the Warriors.  Remember on Christmas Day when they blew a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter to the Cleveland Cavaliers, well last night was no different.

The Grizzlies continued to fight and chip away at the lead.  Eventually rallying back and winning in overtime.

Key points From The Game:

  • The Grizzlies would go on a 14-0  fourth quarter run, before two made free throws by the Warriors.
  • The Warriors did not score their first field goal in the fourth quarter until the 3:14 mark.
  • The Warriors were 2-13 in the fourth with five turnovers.
  • Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol combined for 50 points, 16 rebounds, and 9 assist.

The Warriors may have the best record in the NBA, but their carelessness with the ball, and poor execution in the fourth is becoming a problem. According to the two time MVP Stephen Curry, there’s no reason to worry.  After the game, AP Sports Writer Janie McCauley caught up with Curry to discuss their loss to the Grizzlies.  “There’s no panic at all.  You go through these hiccups, these road bumps and it pokes air out of the ballon a little bit, but that’s what the regular season’s for,” Curry said.  “Last year, I don’t think we had many opportunities to kind of self-assess and look ourselves in the mirror and see where we were at, just riding that wave.”

Maybe Curry is right, there is no reason to panic, but their body language during the game said otherwise.

Draymond Green and Steph Curry appeared to be frustrated with Kevin Durant’s shot selection during the final moments in regulation.  Steve Kerr was also disappointed in the team’s body language after the game. “Once they made their run, our body language was bad, and that can’t happen, and that bothered me.”


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