Curry-Klay Duo Extends Dubs’ Dynasty Amid Slow Start


It’s officially gift-giving season.

It has not been the usual season of giving for the 13-13 Golden State Warriors, despite being at the top of the league in assists and fourth in points per game.

Even with the new year approaching, there’s plenty of season still to go for Golden State.

The question is what’s been the bigger surprise: the Warriors’ .500 slow start, or Steph Curry’s scorching start?

Through 26 games, Steph Curry is putting up video game-like numbers. Just look how this season compares statistically to his 2015-16 unanimous MVP season:

  • Curry in 2015-2016: 30.1 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 6.7 APG, 50% FG, 45% 3PT, 91% FT
  • Curry in 2022-2023: 30.0 PPG, 6.6 RPG, 7.0 APG, 50% FG, 43% 3PT, 91% FT 

Talk about aging like a fine wine.

The biggest deal for Curry is the efficiency across the board. 50-40-90 seasons are rare, usually reserved for the Larry Bird‘s and Steve Nash‘s of the world. But Curry is a high-usage and high-efficiency superstar.

The Warriors’ offense ranks as one of the best when he’s on the court. On the flip side, Golden State’s scoring ability plummets whenever Curry is off the court.

The statistical similarities between Curry in 2016 and this season is scary, especially for opponents. He continues to build up his Hall-of-Fame resume. Even with the Warriors’ slow start, Steph is literally the most valuable player in the league.

Moving forward, it’s hard to see any regression. The 34-year-old is relying way more on his outside shooting and less on driving by defenders as he ages. Movement and off-ball shooters typically don’t regress, especially someone as skilled as Curry. If the performance keeps up, it’s hard to keep him out of the MVP conversation.

Speaking of conversation, you can’t mention Curry without bringing up Klay Thompson.

It is no secret the duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompsonthe automatic buckets, splash brothers, and one of the greatest, if not, the greatest shooting 1-2 punch the game of basketball has ever seen — have been the most reliable key components to the Golden State Warriors success story of the 21st century.

Obviously, Thompson isn’t the same caliber of player now as he was in 2019, or even before that. There are some good signs moving forward for the Warriors, however.

For starters, Thompson is averaging north of 30 minutes per game and is still shooting 39% from three on 10 attempts per contest. His shooting and experience are irreplaceable, even if the general scoring efficiency (40% on 16 shots per game) isn’t the best. Ditto for the defense, which continues to slip since recovering from the lower-bod injuries the past couple of years.

Then again, you have to put Thompson’s season so far in the context of his career. Two devastating lower-body injuries. Age-32 season. Tons of regular-season and playoff miles. Thompson’s numbers still look great when you factor in all these aforementioned details.

After nearly a decade together, the Curry-Klay duo continues to amaze. In the context of league history, it remains one of the most unique, productive backcourts ever.

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In other Warriors news, Jonathan Kuminga was able to notch his first career NBA double-double. Prior to Tuesday’s game, Kuminga’s minutes have not been as high as most expected, but he is starting to fit into a solid role player for the Warriors second unit. Kevon Looney continues to be the starting big man for Dubs Nation as he takes the role that most have thought James Wiseman, who has been sent down to the Santa Clara Warriors G-League team, was to take primary control of that starting position.  

It’s still a long season and the Dubs will look to find where they left off with another Golden State Warriors championship banner.


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