“Defy The Monstars” Jordan Commercial


With all of the hype surrounding the installment of “Space Jam 2,” the Jordan Brand has been releasing a ton of new Space Jam attire. To promote the attire, they’ve released several commercials in relation to the Looney Tunes and Space Jam.

On December 1st, Jordan released a commercial starring 10x All-Star, Blake Griffin and 2x All-Star, Jimmy Butler titled “Defy The Monstars.” The commercial plays on the current NBA phenomenon of the “Super Team.”  The commercial tells us that the Monstars aka “the original super team,” are back again and “unbeatable.” In response, 4 young teens have had their court locked up by the Monstars, so they join forces with Blake Griffin and take on the Monstars. Jimmy Butler is shown at the beginning of the commercial in front of a wall covered in Monstars posters, as well as at the end of the commercial when he’s seen putting graffiti on the wall that reads “Defy;” when he then says, “I hate Monstars.” See the full commercial here:

This could be another hint at the upcoming movie and who could star in it, Warner Brothers signed a $15.8 million deal with Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the year, LeBron James and it is assumed he will play a role similar to Michael Jordan’s in the first installment. We have yet to see LeBron James and the Looney Tunes have any public interaction on TV, but this won’t be his first time dealing with cartoon characters, as James made a cameo on Teen Titans Go! earlier this year. This Space Jam sequel doesn’t seem to have the same story as the first, and it looks to have a whole new twist from Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin. As the sequel continues to get closer and closer to an official release date, watch out for your favorite NBA players, as no one is safe from getting their talent stolen by the Monstars this season.

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