What Really Happened To Derrick Rose?


Most of you have heard by now that Derrick Rose went “missing in action” yesterday before their matchup against the Pelicans.  The New York Knicks announced last night that Derrick Rose was not in the arena, and that Brandon Jennings would start in replace of Rose.

Many people were worried about Rose’s safety because this was very unusual for the former MVP.  The Knicks were not contacted by Rose or his associates, and they sent team personnel to his apartment to check on him.

After the game, the only player who have heard from Rose was his long time friend and teammate Joakim Noah.

During practice today, Rose gave us some insight on why he went missing yesterday.

Apparently Rose had to deal with some family issues, which involved his mother.  Rose did not specify what exactly was going on with his mother.

The NBA community is still confused on why he didn’t call, text, or had one of his associates call the Knicks organization to let them know he was not going to make the game.  The Knicks did say in fact that if he had to deal with family issues, they would have given him permission to miss the game.

Rose did say that his decision had nothing to do with “the team, or basketball.”

There were rumors going around that Rose and Hornacek had a huge blow out after their win against the Milwaukee Bucks.  According to Adrian Wojnarwoski of Yahoo Sports, “Rose has been increasingly frustrated with how this Knicks season has unfolded, culminating with him privately fuming over his diminished late-game role in Friday night’s victory in Milwaukee, sources said.  Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek played undrafted rookie Ron Baker over Rose in the fourth quarter.  Rose has been privately critical of Hornacek, but no one in the locker room – or management – has expressed any issues with how Hornacek has coached Rose, league sources said.”

Rose will be fined, but no suspension will be given to him.  He is expected to start Wednesday night against the Philadelphia 76ers.



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