Dwyane Wade Confused With Front Office


Dwyane Wade is another bull that’s questioning the Chicago Bulls plans. After the disappointing loss to the Boston Celtics on national tv, Wade is tired of Chicago’s plans moving forward.

After the 80–100 loss to the Celtics, Wade was asked several questions, but one particular question was about the Bulls organization’s moves.

“I wish upper management could answer these questions.”

One thing Wade is knowledgable about is knowing a good front office. He witnessed great front office moves by playing with the Miami Heat for 13 seasons. Pat Riley did his work the right way and created fewer media problems. There’s no question why he’s been apart of 9 championship rings.

Wade wasn’t the only Bulls player that complained about the front office and coaching moves. Before the game, Nikola Mirotic also questioned the Bulls’ decision for benching him. Mirotic feels like Chicago is not helping him polish his game.

“This season has been hard. It’s been very difficult to enjoy the game,” Mirotic told Kc Johnson.

It’s safe to say that Dwyane Wade will opt out of his second-year deal and join a playoff contending team. He joined the Bulls because he thought Chicago needed one player to help them be a successful playoff team. Well, that’s not the case, the Bulls are currently in 9th place and 1.5 GB from a playoff spot.

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