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Evaluating Virginia’s Potential NBA Draft Prospects


After a shocking loss to UMBC last year, UVA has bounced back and is in the 2019 NCAA National Championship Game tonight. A trio of draft prospects — ranging from top 10 to second round — has led Virginia to the other side of history. Below we evaluate their draft stock.

De’Andre Hunter

The ACC Defensive Player of the year is a surefire lottery pick. His length and footwork have allowed him to guard (and lock down) all five positions. On offense Hunter shoots the three reliably well, although he’s been in a little bit of slump lately. He needs to work on his driving ability, but will undoubtedly be a top 10 pick.

Kyle Guy

Lacking elite athleticism, Kyle Guy will get drafted for his shot making ability. Guy is averaging 15.2 points per game on 42.3% three-point shooting. Like all UVA players, Guy is a great defender, able to lock down opposing perimeter players. He averages 2.1 assists, demonstrating solid playmaking ability. His stock is limited by his athleticism, making him a second round lock.

Ty Jerome

Jerome is in a similar case to Guy. He averages less points (13.5) on worse shooting (40%), but is still a solid player. The UVA guard’s playmaking ability is also quite skilled, as he averages 5.1 assists per contest. He’s a solid defender and and an incredible shooter, but he has lots of downsides as a draft prospect. Jerome is old, lacks athleticism, and is does not have great body size. Someone may take him as a second rounder, but Jerome is probably a late second or an undrafted free agent.

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