Five NBA Players Who Are Also Talented Rappers


5. Stephen Jackson A.K.A Stak5

During the course of Stephen Jackson’s career he played for eight different NBA teams and won an NBA championship. He was also involved in a game that got extremely out of hand as he, as well as Ron Artest (Now Metta World Peace), decided to fight Detroit Piston fans. We could see from that incident that he was a tough guy that wasn’t afraid of many things, but in this song he lets us know he is much more tenacious than we thought. In this song he criticizes people who are weak and even lets us know he is a “Blood”.

4. Allen Iverson A.K.A Jewels-40

Allen Iverson did not make a music video like other great NBA rappers, but he still has one of the greatest flows. This entire song is about how other people are nothing compared to Allen Iverson. He has always considered himself one of the best at what he does, and I imagine rap is nothing different. And it is possible we are “Just talking about practice” and Allen Iverson will continue to make more hip-hop songs.

3. Shaquille O’Neal

“Shaquille O’Neal’s debut professional album “Shaq Diesel”, earned platinum status in March of 1994 and reached number 25 on the Billboard 200 chart” (Daniels). Shaquille O’Neal is easily the most successful NBA player/rapper we have ever seen. But even with that being true, Shaquille is not the most talented.

2. Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert has recorded more since this song but this is his most famous and best put together song he has made to date. The music video is considered a little weird as Shumpert wears Carmelo Anthony’s jersey backwards, and wears a shoe on his head. But besides that Iman Shumpert has a great flow, good lyrics, and possibly the best production value of any music video on this list.

1. Damian Lillard A.K.A Dame D.O.L.L.A.

If there is anyone on this list that I would frequently listen to it is easily Damian Lillard. He obviously has the best flow and he speaks the truth about touchy subjects and disasters that America is facing. He sees the change that America needs to make and is not going to stay quite. He shares his feeling of fear and hope for his fellow Americans and tells us to walk together because this is “Something bigger than us”.


Daniels, Antonio. “Shaq’s overlooked rap success”. soultrain. April 9th 2013. Web. October 12th 2016

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