5 Tips for Betting on the NBA Upon its Return


With the NBA officially set to return this summer, the remaining downtime serves as a good opportunity to read advice on how best to bet on the new NBA. Here are five betting-related points worthy of your attention when top-flight basketball does make its much-anticipated return.

1. Don’t rely on stats

Stats and data are a key feature of online sports betting sites and play a huge part in the decision-making process of any bettor. Average points scored at home, points scored on the road, rebounds, turnovers– the data available to us is often limitless. But there’s no denying the NBA will feel like a new season upon its return. The period without any action has been significant and so considering trends from mid-March is a bit of a non-starter in our book. Relying on stats from three months ago may prove more a hindrance than a help on this occasion.

2. Bet the Under

When the NBA starts up again, there’s no getting away from the fact the games will be sterile occasions. No crowd and an inevitable settling-down period for players could contribute to a slow start. Also, how sharp will players be? Nothing can replicate the fitness gained by playing real games and it’s hard to believe the players will not be at least a little bit rusty. Players finding their back to form and fitness and the lack of atmosphere point towards a scoring lull, at least in the first few games. Hence why you’d be wise to consider betting the under.

3. Past Favorites won’t have as big of an advantage

A hiatus like this is only beneficial for the teams that were struggling for form or having to contend with a list of injured players. A chance to step away from the intensity of the season and recharge mentally, as well as physically, has likely provided a boost for many rosters toward the bottom of the standings. By contrast, it’s the worst thing that can happen for a side with the wind in their sails and winning most weeks. Momentum has been curtailed and so the favorites may not be the favorites they would’ve been prior to the pause. The playing field will appear more equal than before.

4. No Home-court advantage will make games harder to predict

Teams competing on a level playing field brings us nicely on to our next tip. We now know the resumption of the season will be played in Orlando. But while we’ll accept any solution to restart the league, the importance of playing at home for certain teams cannot be underplayed. As bettors, we naturally favor teams with home-court advantage. And that’s because more often than not players respond better and are more comfortable playing in front of their home crowd. With this out of the equation for the foreseeable future, the underdog is likely to become a more-appealing bet.

5. Factor in player fatigue 

Tiredness experienced by professional athletes tends to stem from the traveling involved between locations. While this won’t be the case when the NBA returns, the volume of games likely to be crammed in to make up for lost time will see players tire and possibly rested in order to avoid the risk of injury. Paying attention to the injury news will be more important than ever in terms of your betting.

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