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Entering its 26th season, the WNBA has seen its share of story lines in 2022. Fresh off the press: the need for increased roster space and team expansion; television access for all games including the preseason; and most pressing, bringing Brittney Griner home. Flying somewhere under the radar the WNBA and Wave Sports + Entertainment (WSE) announced a fresh feel social content partnership for 2022. On the surface this is an exciting move for both parties and a deeper dive reveals what a score this may be for the WNBA.

WSE Fresh Feel Features

In a press release from April 28th, WSE boasted 21 million followers of its basketball content and 84% of that base is in the 13-34 age demographic. Considering roughly 94% of the players in the WNBA are in this age demographic, these statistics foreshadow a very fresh future for the partnership. It is definitely time to target a WNBA audience similar to the demographics of its players. Add in content being launched across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube and this deal appears quite savory.

This oh so fresh partnership becomes sweeter with every bite. WSE is launching “The BUCKETS Five,” a weekly show that features hot topics and the unique culture of the WNBA. It is also launching “The 26,” a show that focuses on the 26 best players in the league this season. The two shows are hosted by Jordan Ligons, an extremely talented WNBA storyteller. Win, win, and win some more for the WNBA.

For the skeptic, it all may look too sugary. However, the fresh feel partnership between WSE and the WNBA has some spice as well. WSE has 20 sports media brands and five of its brands will feature WNBA content. The primary distribution will take place on BUCKETS, all about hoops with a side of humor. This is where you will want to watch “The BUCKETS Five” and “The 26.” Its digital platforms are Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube. BUCKETS has four million followers and 250 million monthly content views. In terms of social media exposure, count this a slam dunk for the WNBA.

WSE Fresh Feel Bonus Benefits

As a bonus, WSE will distribute WNBA stories across SWAY, TBH, Break Ankles Daily, and PHENOMS. Although WSE has not given details regarding what content will be distributed, anticipation and excitement fill the air. Go ahead and download the social media apps, follow these media brands, and hit that like/share button. Finally some super fresh brands for super fresh WNBA fans.


One of WSE’s brands, SWAY, is on Facebook and Instagram. It looks like this is a great channel for WNBA players to show off  their pre-game threads. WNBA players have serious fashion sense deserving of all the hype. SWAY has over one million followers, and one million monthly content views enabling current and future fans a peak at fresh fits. At long last a chance for players to showcase their trendy personalities off the court.


Another brand, TBH (The Best Highlights), will also feature WNBA content. The channel is on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. TBH has seven million followers and 500 million monthly content views. The WNBA has some awesome highlights every week so check this channel out for fresh views of fresh plays. What better way to expose future fans to some seriously talented and amazing ball players.

Break Ankles Daily

It appears that this media brand needs no explanation. With seven million followers and 100 million monthly content views, Break Ankles Daily is a superb outlet to showcase WNBA talent. Any current fan already knows there have been quite a few ankles broken already this season. Break Ankles Daily is on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. If the shoe fits, then wear those sneakers all the way to increased viewership for the WNBA.


Finally, PHENOMS focuses on women who impact the world of sports. It feels like this channel is tailor made for the WNBA. The players are definitely pioneers and game changers on and off the court. PHENOMS is showcased on Snapchat with over one million followers and 100 million monthly content views.

Fresh Feel Vibes

At some point, there are a few questions that need answered by the WNBA and/or WSE. According to its website WSE shares advertising revenues with its partners. How big of a piece of that pie goes to the league and what does it look like dollar wise? Further, how much of that revenue ends up in the players’ pockets?

Overall, a majority of WNBA fans will find joy in the fresh feel content partnership with WSE. Sure there may be some growing pains this season as all of the kinks are worked out. However, what a great way for the WNBA to be exposed and gain attention across many social media platforms and channels. The elusive 13-34 age demographic is a great target for WSE and the WNBA to grow the league. This is definitely a potential game changer for the future of professional women’s basketball in the United States.

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