The Good & Bad from Bucks Twitter: February 2020 Edition


NBA All-Star weekend came and went. We’re now entering the home stretch of the regular season, with the Milwaukee Bucks boasting the NBA’s best record. Pretty great, huh?

As the Bucks march toward 70 wins, we’re still getting some scorching hot takes via Twitter about this team and its playoff potential.

Let’s take a look at some of February’s most absurd Bucks Twitter takes.


This one is funny. And we mean really, really funny. Ric Bucher fired off one of the hottest takes of recent memory. “Giannis got exposed. For those of us who always said this is what Giannis has missing from his game, we had it confirmed.”

Again, this is really, incredibly comical.

Bucher and many other NBA talking heads have determined that Giannis, the soon-to-be two-time MVP and leader of the NBA’s best team, has been exposed due to this lackluster performance in the NBA All-Star Game. Say that out loud and try not to laugh โ€” we’re having a very tough time containing the giggles.

Just take a look for yourself at Bucher’s take and a few other All-Star overreactions. And let’s give a huge shoutout to Duncan Smith for getting it right and staying focused on what really matters.


Alright, so Giannis isn’t good anymore. We uncovered this in, again, we repeat, the NBA All-Star Game. We’ll just act like Ric Bucher and a few other clowns never said this. Let’s move on.


Giannis, during an interview in Chicago at All-Star weekend, said he’d love to team up with his brothers and that it would be awesome if it happened.

“I think that would be amazing. Obviously we’d spend time together, and I’m 100 percent sure my mom would love that. If we could team up on a team, Milwaukee, L.A., whatever, that’d be awesome.”

So, from that quote, we now know what Giannis will do this summer, right?

He’s going to decline the supermax in order to sign with the Lakers in 2021. This is also pretty funny. Giannis said he wants to play with his brothers … if it’s possible. He wants to do this, so he can spend more time with his family. It’s that simple.

He didn’t say he’s going to the Lakers. The fact of the matter is that his younger brother plays for the Lakers, so that’s why he mentioned L.A. But hey, let’s start the news cycle with “Giannis to the Lakers confirmed” headlines.



Gladly, JR Radcliffe from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote about the comments and cleared things up for everyone.


The Milwaukee Bucks blew a 2-0 lead last year in the Eastern Conference Finals. We’re all fully aware of this. The Bucks were two games from the NBA Finals in their first big playoff push as a group. Sure, they struggled down the stretch. But honestly, who really expected the Bucks to win 60 games and dominate like they did last year? Not many of us predicted that.

Now, after the disappointing end to last year’s playoff run, the Bucks have come back better than ever โ€” this seems hard to believe, but it’s true. Now it’s time to prove the doubters wrong.

John Hollinger, in his recent article for The Athletic, stated:

“I get why people don’t totally trust the Bucks yet. This group hasn’t won a championship before; in fact, only one player on the team has ever won an NBA Finals game (Kyle Korver was on the 2017 Cavs team that lost 4-1 to Golden State). Questions also linger about their Giannis-centric playing style in matchups against elite teams that have the defensive chops to contain him one-on-one.”

To be fair to Hollinger, his article ends with the idea that perhaps the Bucks are coasting right now and have another gear for the playoffs.

But, as we’ve seen before, most people aren’t that reasonable. Here are a few of them.

Sure, anyone can lose in the playoffs. We know that. But if this was Golden State, Los Angeles (Clippers or Lakers), Philadelphia or any big market team showcasing absolute dominance well into the second half of the season, would the league still be “wide open.”? Maybe it would be. But for anyone to say that the Bucks shouldn’t be favored to win the title, well, that’s crazy.

The Bucks will get tested in the playoffs, but now they’ve got experience.

Last year, they had none. But only time will tell if the Bucks can take down the Raptors and other NBA Finals hopefuls in the Eastern Conference in hopes of advancing to the NBA Finals.

Khris Middleton Still Sucks

Lastly, this came across our mentions during the February 25th road game in Toronto.

Get @OldTakesExposed on the phone– Khris proceeded to finish with a team-high 22 points en route to a huge road win.

Until next month, enjoy Twitter!

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