The Good & Bad From Bucks’ Twitter During Win Streak So Far


The Milwaukee Bucks are absolutely dominating.

Since the Nov. 8 overtime loss at Utah, the Bucks have rattled off 14 straight wins. Following the loss in Salt Lake City, we’ve seen nothing but greatness from the Bucks. It’s been a fun ride, including incredibly thunderous dunks from Giannis Antetokounmpo (see below), dominant play from the bench, the return of Khris Middleton and a “put the league on notice” win over a title contender in the Los Angeles Clippers.

Here are a few highlights from the streak.

Giannis destroys the Clippers


DJ gets up against the Knicks

One more from Giannis against the Jazz

With the Bucks rolling to 15 straight wins — potentially more coming this week against lackluster opponents —  it’s only right to scour Bucks’ Twitter for some scorching hot takes. Some we agree with, yet some seem like classic fan overreactions.

The last time we analyzed Bucks’ Twitter through 11 games, the mood of fans wasn’t quite as optimistic, which isn’t a shock at all with the Bucks piling up wins throughout November and December. We aren’t telling fans to pump the breaks — we know it’s fun to see your team destroy opponents each night — but maybe it isn’t quite time to crown the Bucks as NBA champs just yet.

Either way, let’s have some fun and check in on the happenings on Bucks’ Twitter during the win streak.


We expected this one. The Bucks haven’t lost in what seems like forever, so why wouldn’t fans be talking NBA Finals? But let’s not deem this an absolute lock quite yet.

The Bucks will face extremely tough competition in the Eastern Conference playoffs when summer rolls around. Making a run to the finals means getting past the Celtics, 76ers, Raptors, Pacers and Heat. We definitely agree that the Bucks should be, and will be, favorites when the playoffs start, but let’s focus on securing the No. 1 seed first. A lot can happen between now and then.


This one is ridiculous. We’ll explain why below, but here’s some comedy for you.


Sure, Brook isn’t having the shooting season he had last year. Lopez shot 36.5% from three last year on 6.5 attempts per game. He had a career-defining year.

Brook was a major key to the Bucks offensive strategy shift last season, which helped them to a 60-win season, and he still is a major key now. That said, this year Lopez is struggling a bit, shooting just 28% on five 3-point attempts per game. But that’s not all you get from Brook Lopez. He’s a dominant defender; third in the NBA in blocks this season, trailing only Myles Turner and Rudy Gobert. Not bad company.

On top of that, Lopez is still contributing on offense. The former All-Star is always a force to be reckoned with in the post and that won’t ever change. Let’s pump the breaks on the “Brook Lopez sucks” campaign.


We wrote in November that Pat Connaughton might be an underrated, key player in the Bucks rotation this season.

With a ton of stereotype-debunking dunks, clutch hustle plays and late-game threes, the fans are taking notice. And they should be. We don’t disagree with the Connaughton-hype.

Connaughton has had an awesome year for the Bucks. He’s averaging 11 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists per-36 minutes so far. Plus, he’s shooting 35% from beyond the arc. Beyond the stats, Connaughton adds what seems like endless amounts of clutch hustle plays to finish off games for the Bucks. Simply put, he makes a huge impact in his limited time off the bench. He should be an impact player off the bench come playoff time in Milwaukee.


Bucks’ Twitter can be brutal, but it can also be really fun, and while the Bucks are in the midst of a 14-game win streak, we refuse to rain on the parade. We’re all rooting for the same thing, so let’s keep it going.

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