Hunter Can Bring Lengthy Athleticism to Hawks


With the draft set to commence in just under an hour, take a look at our final lottery breakdown of the year; De’Andre Hunter.

Comparison: OG Anunoby with a better stroke.


Hunter starts with strong measurables. He is 6’8″, 227 pounds, and has a 7-foot-2 wingspan. He used these physical gifts in order to be one of the best defenders in college this season. Hunter’s plus wingspan disrupts passing lanes. He would always guard the opposing teams best player, no matter what position. His plus wingspan let him lock up smaller guards, while his physicality and large frame allowed him to stay with larger big men. On offense, Hunter scores efficiently. He posted a 61% true shooting percentage and offered offensive versatility that would thrive in today’s NBA. He has a strong three point shot and solid bounce as well. Hunter impacts winning at a high level and brings a toughness that teams will value.


Hunter lacks explosiveness as an athlete. He’s solid overall but doesn’t have the explosion you’d want out of a top 5 pick. Although he shoots it well from three, he doesn’t shoot often, and their are questions about how he will score in the league. Hunters shot is a little awkward and can lose confidence when it’s not falling. He struggles to create offense for others and is not an incredible driver. Hunter is also one of the older players in the draft. A pick used on him could be risky due to the lack of perceived upside because of his limited athleticism.


Overall, Hunter is a solid prospect with starter potential. His defense is NBA ready, but his offense needs to catch-up. Hunter can become a great 3-and-D player if he works on his shot. Based on recent reports, he looks to be headed to Atlanta with the fourth overall pick in tonight’s draft.

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