Iman Shumpert Puts Warriors on Notice


Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers Guard, Iman Shumpert responded to the comments Draymond Green made in his interview with Complex.

In October, Golden State Warriors Forward Green said he wants to annihilate the Cavs if they were to meet for the Finals again. He made it clear that there is some unfinished business between these two juggernauts.

“I want to completely destroy them. No ifs, ands or buts about it. That won’t change. I’m not saying we’re going to look forward to that. Like I said, there’s a long road ahead. And it’ll be a tough, tough road to get there. Nonetheless, if we get there, and they get there, I want to destroy them. Really ain’t no other way to put it,” Green said.

When asked about the comments, Shumpert replied:

“He should. We supposed to hate them, and they supposed to hate us,” Shumpert said. “It’s OK. They supposed to take cheap shots at us. They’re gonna hate us, fam. That’s what sports is. It’s great. I love every bit of it.”

“I’m glad he said that ’cause we gon’ bust they ass, too. You need to type that up: We gon bust your ass. Period.”

There is no love lost between 2 of the best teams in the NBA. The Cavs will host the Warriors in Cleveland on Christmas Day for the first Finals rematch.

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