Ingram Can Be a Top Option on a Championship Team


New Orleans Pelicans forward Brandon Ingram‘s tape has been a thing of beauty to watch.

Through 45 games, Ingram is averaging 21.8 points, 5.0 rebounds and 5.7 assists per game on shooting splits of 49/37/81.

Ingram is also currently leading the Pelicans in assists per game and he’s second in points per game.

Let’s check out his tape from this season.


Ingram has a plethora of moves that he displays.

He’s a three-level scorer and he’s became smart at choosing when to let the game come to him and when to take matters into his own hands.

This play is a clear out for Ingram. Dorian Finney-Smith bumps Ingram as he drives by him. There’s no foul call, Ingram plays through the contact.

Ingram drives into the rim protection of Nic Claxton. As Ingram takes flight, he adjusts to a slide by finish to avoid the shot blocker and he goes to his strong hand off the glass.

Ingram comes off Jonas Valančiūnas‘ on-ball screen and keeps Jae Crowder in his rearview mirror by using the hostage dribble.

Brook Lopez is sitting in drop coverage and thus, he takes away the pass to the rolling Valančiūnas.

Ingram continues to keep Crowder in his hip pocket, gets to his spot and knocks down a contested jumper.


On a broken play, Ingram makes himself available at the nail and calls for the ball.

Ingram looks up at the shot clock on the other side and knows he needs to get busy. He goes to work and backs down Desmond Bane.

No help comes, Ingram takes advantage and goes to a one-dribble turnaround jumper. His high release makes it difficult for Bane to contest.

Ingram calmly swishes a clutch bail out shot to tie the game momentarily.

Ingram has shown he can get to his spots, take what the defense gives him, and hit shots off schedule.


Ingram is one of the more underrated playmakers in the league.

According to, Ingram leads the Pelicans in potential assists (10.6). He’s also ranked just outside the top 25 in that same category across the entire league (26th).

Here, Ingram drives to the middle of the floor and Jordan Poole sends help to the nail, which forces Ingram to pick up his dribble.

On the weak side of the floor, Tyus Jones is ball-watching and looking to rotate to Poole’s man, Herb Jones.

Dyson Daniels dive cuts behind Jones. Now, there’s a spacing issue which Valančiūnas alertly gets rid of by taking Daniel Gafford away from the rim and to the post.

Ingram knows exactly what’s he’s doing here.

Ingram uses his eyes and looks towards Valančiūnas to free up Daniels underneath the rim. Ingram executes the correct read and makes the no-look pass to Daniels, who finishes the layup inside.


Ingram has steadily improved his defense each and every year.

He’s became better as a help defender and being in the right spots at the right time.

On this play, the Pelicans put Valančiūnas at the level, which is their primary pick-and-roll coverage.

Domantas Sabonis rolls behind Valančiūnas and now, Ingram, as the low man, alertly peels off the strong side corner.

Ingram flies in to breakup the pass and collects the loose ball for a critical defensive stop.

As Ingram pushes the basketball, sees Trey Lyles backpedaling. Now Ingram has him at his mercy.

Ingram pulls up at his sweet spot at the high post and cans the midrange jumper. In a span of 15 seconds, Ingram came up with a clutch play on both ends of the floor.

The 26-year-old star looks to continue to steer the Pelicans in the right direction. No doubt, he can be the second option on a championship team.

Perhaps even the first option.

The tape says it all.

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