Javale McGhee Earns Shaqtin A Fool Appearance


The Golden State Warriors put on a scoring performance against the Phoenix Suns last night, putting up 138 points in the win.  But of course the major headline from that game wasn’t Steph Curry dropping 31 points, or Klay Thompson hitting 6 threes. The star of the night goes to the one and only Javale McGhee.

No he didn’t dunk on anyone, or block someone’s shot to the stands, but once again he has earned himself a “Shaqtin A Fool” appearance.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term “Shaqtin A Fool,” it’s basically a segment created by Shaquille O’Neal, in which he has the top bloopers from players around the league.

So Ian Clark was shooting a free throw, in which he made.  After the made free throw, Javale did this.

That’s right folks, Javale attempts to inbound the ball after his teammate made a free-throw.  The funniest part of this scenario might have been the bench’s reaction.

After the game, the team huddled in the locker room and watched the play again, and Javale had a good sense of humor about it, posting this on social media.

You gotta love Javale McGhee, always providing some form of entertainment.

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