Kevin Durant, Boston’s Next Free Agency Pickup?


Growing up a fan of the Boston Celtics, I have seen the trend of them pursuing every single superstar (except LeBron). Almost every time, the Celtics fail to deliver. The most recent occurrence was when they brought in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to form the famous “Big 3”. In fact, the “Big 3” brought Celtics a banner in 2008 and very well could have in 2010 (Let’s not talk about that). So it is proven that bringing Superstars to Boston does indeed produce championships.

If only it was that easy to convince Kevin Durant that. When KD arrived in Boston to play the Celtics, the media asked him about the city and he said that he enjoyed it. As the media always does, they blew Durant’s comments out of proportion and started rumors about him coming to Boston. It made me believe that it is possible for this to happen. However, Kevin is not going to just wake up in Free Agency and have an epiphany that Boston is the place to be. A lot has to go right for Durant to want to bleed green.

First, success. The Celtics need to have playoff success this postseason to get the “KD to Boston” campaign actually going. If the C’s can prove that they are capable of winning a series or two, Kevin might get intrigued. If Boston can get to a playoff round like the Conference Finals and then lose to LeBron, then Durant could realize that Boston can not get over the playoff “hump” unless they have a Superstar like Durant.

Next, sorry to say it for the Thunder fans, but if they do not make it far in the playoffs, you all could be seeing the last of Durant in OKC. If the Thunder lose in the second round, then Durant should leave. The West is too tough if a team with TWO top-5 players in the league can only win one playoff series. Maybe Westbrook is better off without Durant, I mean look at what happened to James Harden. Although Kevin denied the rumors that he would leave if they do not make it to the finals, I would be shocked if he stayed if they lost in an early round. Also, it is much easier to make it to the Finals in the East, even though the East is getting better, it is still not the gauntlet that the West is.

Finally, the Nets have to continue to tank. If the Nets keep falling, that draft pick that the Celtics own of theirs will continue to rise in value. If the Celtics have a Top-3 pick in the draft AND make the Conference Finals in the same year, how could a Superstar like Kevin Durant say “no” to that? The Celtics will throw max money at him, it just seems like the logical way to go if he can convince himself he will not have success in OKC.

So, what do you say Kevin? Why don’t you come over to Boston and give the Celtics banner 18? The problem in OKC is that Durant has nobody to give the ball to. He gives it to Westbrook and lets him go to work. In Boston there are so many more options, basically anybody in the rotation can score the ball if Durant gets it to them. I just do not believe what Durant has in OKC is the recipe for success, so why not try something new? Celtics fans KNOW how much fun it would be to go at it again next season and actually compete against LeBron James’ team every year in the playoffs.

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Aaron is a staff writer and the Co-Founder of NBALEAD. He has been following the NBA for over 15 years. Graduated from Purdue University.

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