Kings Lead Draft Profile #2: Luka Doncic


With no first round draft pick in 2019, it’s absolutely imperative that the Sacramento Kings nail their choice in the upcoming NBA Draft. They have several options to consider and several players to evaluate. This pick could determine whether the Kings can contend in the coming years, or be relegated to mediocrity for the next decade.

Once the Kings jumped up to the second pick, one player’s name was on every fan’s lips. Luka Doncic. The 19-year-old combo guard was frequently touted as one of the best international prospects of this draft class. He first debuted with Real Madrid’s professional team in 2015 and has shined ever since. He averaged 14.4 points/game and 4.6 assists/game across 57 games this season. It’s easy to see why teams are interested in him, but is he a good fit for Sacramento?


Doncic is a swingman who can play both guards and small forward if necessary. He’s a natural scorer who’s comfortable with the ball in his hand and is not afraid to take a shot. He’s shown the willingness to dish the ball out to teammates and settle for the assist. The experience of playing against grown men in Europe can help his transition into the league. His three point shot could use some work, especially in today’s modern game. His turnover numbers (2.2/game) could also stand to come down a bit. Also he may need to settle for less ball handling duties if he’s drafted primarily as a two-guard, which is what he’s projected to go as.


Doncic could easily slide into the starting lineup in Sacramento next to De’Aaron Fox, either by moving Bogdan Bogdanovic to the three or playing there himself. The team would have more firepower and another player to look for and create opportunities. Also he can bond well with Bogdanovic and GM Vlade Divac with his European links.


Sometimes too many ball handlers are a bad thing. If Doncic wants the ball as much as Bogdanovic and Fox do, there may be issues having all three on the court. There’s also the ever present question of whether his game can transfer to the NBA. Could he be the next Kristaps Porzingis, or the next Darko Milicic?


Doncic is an interesting prospect and there’s a reason why he’s so highly rated. He could be the player that gives the Kings everything they need from both guards. Despite his latest slide down the lottery board, he remains a favorite for the Kings pick. However, the team should only take who they feel the most comfortable with. If they aren’t sold on him, they could always trade back and take someone else.

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