Korver on the Bucks Makes Perfect Sense


On Wednesday, the Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies struck a trade sending sharpshooter Kyle Korver to the Suns. The Suns will reportedly buy out his partially guaranteed contract, making him a free agent. And according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Bucks will be one of the frontrunners to sign Korver.

Why the Bucks are Frontrunners for Korver

There are three main reasons why the Bucks are frontrunners for Korver. One is that they give him a chance to play for a championship. The second is that they have a clear need for a deadly knockdown three-point shooter and someone to fill backup wing minutes. And lastly, Korver has a strong connection to Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer.

Assuming Wesley Matthews starts at shooting guard, that would currently leave Donte DiVincenzoSterling Brown, and Pat Connaughton as the main reserves on the wing. Obviously, there are some question marks here and is pretty light on bodies anyway. Korver would slot in as the main reserve behind Khris Middleton to begin the year. That could change depending on how much Brown and DiVincenzo improve, but as is there is a clear path to playing time.

And then there’s the previous connection to Budenholzer during their days in Atlanta. Korver has been an all-star exactly one time, and that was with Budenholzer as the coach. While Korver is a bit older now than he was during that year, his main weapon is still there. Budenholzer already knows how to fully utilize Korver and will be able to do so again on the Bucks.

How Korver Impacts the Bucks

Since Giannis Antetokounmpo has been on the team, they haven’t had a threat like Korver from three. The closest they came to a shooter of Korver’s ability was with Nikola Mirotic. And we obviously know how that turned out. But Korver has been in the league a lot longer than Mirotic and has had to take a lot of pressured packed shots. He won’t wilt in the playoffs as Mirotic did.

With Korver, the Bucks will not only be able to surround Giannis with four knockdown shooters but now one of them will be one of the best shooters in NBA history. Korver’s accurate quick trigger will give Giannis even more room to operate down low. And if teams try to double down low Korver will almost automatically make them pay from deep. A shooter of Korver’s ability was one of the main things missing from the Eastern Conference Finals team a season ago. And adding him just might be the extra kick they need to get to the finals.

Korver’s Other Options

As you can see from Woj’s tweet above, Korver has a few options. He has ties to all the teams listed above. The Philadelphia 76ers were the team that he spent the first four and a half years with. While for the Los Angeles Lakers he has LeBron James. They played together in Cleveland the last few years until James left for LA. Korver was later dealt to the the Utah Jazz before being dealt to Memphis (and now Phoenix) this offseason.

While these all seem like good options for Korver, I still think the Bucks are the best option for him. He will be able to play with the coach that netted him his best year as a professional. And on top of that, the Bucks are already better than the Sixers, and depending on how the Lakers finish out their roster will be neck and neck with them. The Bucks provide a good mix of friendly faces and a chance to play for a championship, which is why I think the Bucks are the frontrunners for Korver.

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