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Written by: Danny Thompson Full Court Press Radio

I know it has been an interesting opening few weeks of the season and players from all-across the league have been putting up statistics that have been eye-popping and mind blowing so far. But lets take a look at some of the stats that you might not pay attention to:

Scoring By Quarters (Top 5)

Anthony Davis gets off to the hottest start per game in the league today. He averages 9.24 points in the opening quarter. Kevin Love (8.95), James Harden (8.90), Karl-Anthony Towns (8.44) and DeMar DeRozan (8.33) round out the group.

Kevin Durant is the leader when it comes to scoring in the 2nd quarter. His 9.24 points in the 2nd is over one point a game better than second place Russell Westbrook (7.73). Wilson Chandler and Kyrie Irving are tied for 4th with 7.21 and Davis is in 5th at 6.33 per game.

After the half is where DeRozan takes charge his 10.95 points in the 3rd quarter, helps the Raptors get off to a strong start and it’s the highest individual total in any quarter in the NBA. Stephen Curry is in 2nd at 9.95, with Davis (8.76), Cousins (8.05) and Harden (7.90) finishing up the top 5.

No one in the NBA scores more in the 4th quarter than Russell Westbrook. His 8.64 points is not only the highest in the league, it is also the highest in any quarter he plays in. This category is mostly about the guards as Damien Lillard (2nd at 7.55), Lou Williams (4th at 7.35) and Isaiah Thomas (5th at 7.29) join Russell in the Top 5. Cousins is the only non guard and he’s 3rd at 7.35.

Interesting Statistical Leaders:

Ersan Illaysova- Leads the NBA in Charges Drawn (9) and Offensive Fouls Drawn (17)
Ed Davis- Leads the NBA in Shooting Fouls Committed (51)
Russell Westbrook- Leads the NBA in Bad Pass Turnovers (3.00) and Stepping Out of Bounds TO’s (0.41),
DeMarcus Cousins- Leads the NBA in shots being blocked (36), next player that is over 6″3 on the list is Karl-Anthony Towns (7th with 29)
Kris Dunn and Omer Asik- Tied for the NBA lead in Kick Ball Violations (7)
Nikola Vucevic- Leads the NBA in 3 second defensive violations (6)
Otto Porter and Draymond Green- Leads the NBA in games with 3+ steals (9), Trevor Booker is 3rd with 8
Thabo Sefolosha- Only player in the NBA this year to have a streak of scoring his teams last 10 points.

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