Meet Your 2017 Eastern Conference All Stars


The 2017 NBA All Star Game is only a few weeks away, and we are finally now knowing whom the starters will be for the East.

Kyrie Irving, DeMar DeRozan, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Jimmy Butler will be starters. For many, according to Tweets and fans reactions, kind of saw this coming. Especially with Giannis.

GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO: His name might be hard to spell and pronounce, but this kid has certainly lived up to all expectations set on him this season. After signing a new contract with the Bucks in the offseason, Giannis has elevated his game to an elite level. He is averaging 24 points per game on 55 percent shooting from the field. Compared to last year, he has almost doubled his scoring. His game, on the other hand, is different from others in the league. For example, we are now in a 3-point shooting-scoring league to the point where if you can’t shoot, you won’t be elite. However, Giannis has proven that stereotype wrong. This was an easy pick for starter!

JIMMY BUTLER: Jimmy Buckets is having a stellar year for the Chicago Bulls. Just like Giannis, he also is averaging a career high in scoring, 25 points per game. Butler’s game has elevated to the point where he is now more than just a defensive star. Coming into the league, Butler did not have no offensive repertoire to his game at all. His rookie year, he barely averaged three points per game. Butler has improved so much to the point that he might give GIannis a run for his money in the “Most Improved Player” award. Well deserved starter!

DeMar DeRozan- Derozan is having a career year as well. Apart from being 5th in scoring, Derozan is currently showing that the mid range game is constantly adapting. Derozan is averaging 28 points per game, and shooting 47 percent from the field. Most of his shots come from the mid range area. Derozan is 14-58 from downtown this season. He has taken 714 shots from the mid range- paint area. So it’s no secret that’s his bread and butter. The way he does it, is remarkable. Defenders know of his struggles from deep, but somehow he still finds a way to be effective in the game. Well deserved starter!

Lebron James- No all star game is complete without having King James. This one was easy, because LeBron clearly is the best player out East. No one really was going to pressure James for this spot honestly. Not to mention he has a huge fan base as well.

KYRIE IRVING- To be brutally honest, we all can assume that Irving, this year only, hasn’t been the best point guard out East. Yes he’s shooting at a career high, but he has been severely inconsistent this season.

Apart from him being inconsistent, to be honest, Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics has been flat out better. IT, leading fourth quarter scorer in the NBA, has since been snubbed of a real opportunity here. Moments like this is to prove how crucial fan voting is in the NBA.

The All Star festivities will begin on February 17th with the celebrity game and also the Rising Stars Challenge. The next day, Saturday, fans will see the Dunk contest, 3point contest, and also East and West practice. The 2017 NBA All Star Game will be February 19th live in NOLA!

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