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If you’ve ever gone basketball shoe shopping, you might have had an experience of seeing a young girl in a store deciding between a pair of Kyrie’s and a pair of LeBron’s. Or maybe you were the one deciding between the Kyrie’s and the LeBron’s. Because for the most part, that’s the decision girls and women have had to make when choosing a pair of sneakers for the upcoming season. But now, gone are the days when girls and women have to wear sneakers that aren’t made for them.

Moolah Kicks announced, Thursday morning, the unveiling of a new women’s basketball shoe, the Neovolt Pro. Additionally, Indiana Fever player and 2021 NCAA Champion, Destanni Henderson, and UConn sophomore, Caroline Ducharme, have been named brand ambassadors for Moolah Kicks.

Setting the Standard

Moolah Kicks is the first basketball shoe company that’s made specifically for women hoopers. Founded in 2020 by Natalie White, Moolah Kicks created a sneaker that was designed to bio-mechanically fit the female foot shape. By creating shoes designed specifically to fit the feet of the people wearing them, White’s goal is to increase performance and focusing early on injury prevention with career longevity in mind.

White was frustrated by the lack of shoe options for women’s basketball players, so she did something about it.

“We are proud to offer women the most technically advanced performance basketball shoe on the market today,” said White. “The Neovolt Pro will enable female basketball players to perform at their highest level. We are thrilled to have DICK’S Sporting Goods champion women’s basketball and the Moolah Kicks brand, and excited to have talented basketball players like Destanni and Caroline representing the brand.”

The New Faces of Moolah

This is Moolah Kicks’ second shoe. The first, the Phantom 1, debuted in 140+ DICK’S Sporting Goods locations on May 7, 2021. White has been steadily gaining traction since then through social media, with 8,000 followers on Instagram. In addition, with new NIL laws, Moolah Kicks has been able to partner with over 40 women’s college basketball players. Such as Aijha Blackwell of Baylor, and Eva Hodgson of UNC. But now, they have two brand ambassadors, in Henderson and Ducharme. Moolah Kicks are assured to gain popularity after this, considering Henderson and Ducharme come from arguable the two biggest fanbases in the sport, in South Carolina and UConn.

“As an entrepreneur myself, I love that fact that Moolah Kicks is a women owned brand dedicated to making premium performance basketball shoes exclusively for women and girls,” said Destanni Henderson. “The shoes are more comfortable than anything I have ever worn before, and the quality is definitely there. I am excited to partner with MoolahKicks and be an ambassador for a brand I believe in.”

Moolah Kicks has also partnered with over 100 AAU teams throughout the country.

Where Can You Find Them?

The Neovolt Pro will be available in 450+ DICK’s Sporting Goods locations nationwide. This is a landmark move that will double the company’s national footprint. The shoe will retail for $125 and will be available in four different color ways. Coming in White/Silver, Black/Gold, Navy/Blue, and Orange/Pink, both in stores and online.

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