Murray and Jokic Can Counter Any Coverage


The duo of Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic is a duo to be feared when they run the two-man game.

They can counter any pick-and-roll coverage and there are very few matchups that can slow them down.

At-the-level PNR coverage

Richaun Holmes is at the level trying to stop Murray’s drive and contain Jokic’s roll while Deni Avdija goes over the screen to honor Murray’s pull up midrange jumper.

Murray counters and makes the pocket pass to Jokic. The low man, Corey Kispert, has the responsibility to tag Jokic and force the kick out pass.

But Jokic’s size and touch is just good too. Kispert is in position but Jokic is unbothered by the low man.

Murray retreats back and takes the empty-side pick and roll.

Domantas Sabonis is at the level and takes away the baseline drive while Kevin Huerter goes over the screen.

Murray another bounce pocket pass to Jokic.

Keegan Murray rotates on time, but Jokic just overpowers him and Sabonis in the paint.

Murray takes Jokic’s dribble handoff.

Brook Lopez is at the level in pick-and-roll coverage. Jokic sets an on-ball screen on Malik Beasley and he is unable to get back in front of the basketball.

Lopez does not commit to Murray and looks to retreat back to Jokic to honor his midrange jumper.

With Beasley out of position, Murray pulls up for high-percentage spot.

Other coverages

The wings Marcus Morris and Nicolas Batum switch the Jokic screen for Murray.

The best counter to a switch is for the screener to slip the screener and Jokic does exactly that.

Now, Batum is at a bad angle off the switch. Murray makes another beautiful bounce pass to his pick-and-roll partner.

Two help defenders rotate but there’s just no size to challenge Jokic’s soft touch at the doorstep.

In this inverted pick and roll, Jokic gets blitzed. 

Murray short rolls and Jokic makes the easy pass over the top.

Murray steps foot into the paint, uses the punch dribble, pivots and knocks down a turnaround shot.

It doesn’t matter what coverages defenses throw at the tandem. Whether it’s at the level, switching or blitzing, Jokic and Murray have an answer.

Very few can match up with Jokic and Murray.

The best coverage? Fight over the screen and get back in front of the basketball.

The center stays attached to Jokic for a potential roll, pick and pop or a face-up jumper.

Easier said than done. It still needs to be executed for 48 minutes against the champs.

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