Here Is What The Cleveland Cavaliers Need To Do To Extend This Series


LeBron James and the Cavs have gotten themselves into one big hole. Going down 3-0 from a game winner by Kevin Durant in Game 3, after rallying and taking their first lead of the series after the half.

We know what Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant have given consistently throughout these playoffs. Curry with a Finals triple-double and needing 11 assist and 13 rebounds to end the finals with a triple double; so he’s been magnificent. Durant is putting up gaudy numbers in these finals with 34.7 PPG on 52% shooting from deep and 56% from the field. Not only that, but he’s grabbing 10 rebounds, six assist, and 2 blocks. He’s been a presence all series.

The Cavs duo of Irving and James came to life on Wednesday, combining for 77 of the Cavs 113 with only 8 from the bench. So here’s what Cleveland needs to do to avoid a sweep.

1. Score on Klay Thompson. Thompson is holding Cavs to 8/29 shooting against him. Thompson has given Irving struggles throughout these playoffs. Irving has to accept that challenge and go at Thompson, but that’s easier said than done. Thompson is arguably the best 2-way guard in the league. He’s given James trouble, Love trouble and also Smith.

Giving him a push and/or a challenge. Make him play more aggressively and create more contact. That brings up the next point.

2. Cleveland can’t settle for 3. If there’s one thing the Warriors do well, it’s score and when you have Curry and Thompson or Thompson and Durant on the wings as the defense closes in, you’re in for a rude awakening.

The Cavs won’t out shoot the Warriors, so they have to slug it out. The score can not escalate over 105 or else the Warriors will take it with ease or take it commandingly as they did last game. So that shifts this directly into the next point.

3. Slow down the pace, but that is also easier said than done. Stephen Curry greatly improved his point guard IQ this season and has been better running a half court offense. He also has more shooters around him. Kevin Durant from Harrison Barnes at the SF is probably the best SF upgrade ever.

The Cavs mucked up the game a little last game, but the Warriors sill dominated the pace; posting another 115+ game in this series. Draymond Green commented on James’ fatigue last game saying he looked winded walking past him and that’s when they new they had them. Which will bring the next point into play.

4. Don’t look defeated and don’t turn the ball over. When the Warriors smell blood, they pounce and opponents’ turnovers sky rocket. Golden State is the best 3rd quarter team in the league, averaging 31.2 points per quarter and have the largest 3rd quarter margin in the NBA. So typically, Coach Kerr demands the team to clamp down on opponents after the half. Cleveland has to keep a third quarter flow and jump on them before they jump on you.

5. The final point is … just play within the crowd. As seen the first 2 games the Warriors outscored the Cavs by a total of 48 points and that was largely credited to the energy of the crowd. Let the 0-3 motivate you and to come out firing.

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