Official Admits Morris Stepped Out of Bounds


Washington Wizards forward stepped out of bounds prior to hitting the game-winning jumper over the Portland Trail Blazers, officials were unable to review the play thanks to a loophole in the NBA rule book.

The rule book states “Referees can only initiate a review on a called out-of-bounds play (for example, not one where an out-of-bounds might have occurred) and only those involving doubt as to which player caused the ball to go out (not those, for example, where a player stepped on the line),”

After the contest, head official Rodney Mott admitted Markieff Morris would’ve been called for a turnover if they could’ve reviewed the play.

“We looked at it and if it was reviewable, it would have been called out of bounds, Portland’s ball,” Mott told Mike Richman of OregonLive.com.

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