Pau Gasol Remains Kobe’s ‘Hermano’ for Life


Pau Gasol, Mi Hermano

Kobe Bryant answered “Pau Gasol es mi Hermano” after a tough 126-115 loss to the Bulls in February of 2016.


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Español was just one of many shared traits the 1-2 punch had in common. Beyond spoken language, it seemed like the two players could communicate telepathically as they moved around the court.

A nod or shoulder shrug here or there, and the other would form another geometric angle to complete the triangle. Some would call it a familial, or brotherly connection. That bond was born out of reaching the apex of the NBA mountain in 2009 and 2010.


Although Gasol would eventually play for several other teams, and Bryant retired surrounded by lottery picks – the two kept close. Gasol consistently pointed to the Black Mamba for helping him reach his full potential.

Meanwhile, Bryant tirelessly campaigned to have #16 retired in the rafters of Staples Center.

If life had any semblance of fairness, the brothers would have been friends for many decades. After Bryant passed, his hermano took on the moniker of tio or “Uncle Pau.”

Since January 26th, Gasol hasn’t stopped checking in on the Bryant family. Flowers, gifts, tributes, and of course, visits. July 6th was Gasol’s 40th birthday, and Vanessa Bryant posted a heartwarming collage of Instagram pictures of Uncle Pau spending time with the Bryant family.

Kobe Bryant did not have any biological brothers, but he and Pau Gasol formed an unbreakable bond. There is no doubt the Hall of Famer and his daughter Gianna Bryant are up in heaven, smiling down right now. In a world that is gripped by disease and injustice, we should all strive to be as committed and caring as Uncle Pau.

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