Ranking Every 2023-24 NBA City Jersey from Worst to Best


Every year, the NBA releases brand-new City Edition jerseys for all 30 teams. These jerseys honor the fans and the city of which the team plays in. Over the years, we have seen many amazing jerseys come from these collections. We’ve also seen some of the most hideous jerseys ever dropped. This year is no different.

With that in mind, let’s separate the wheat from the chaff, and rank all 30 NBA City jerseys from worst to best.

  1. Miami Heat – These jerseys are easily the worst of the bunch. There is so much wrong with these threads. To start, the word “Culture” has no business being bigger than the team name. The number font of the jersey is a throw-off as well, and that’s a disappointment because Miami’s usual font is so much better. Finally, the gradient on the sides? How did we really go from the vice series to these?

  1. Denver Nuggets – On any jersey ranking list, the Nuggets should never be ranked this low. Their color scheme just looks so good on almost all of their jerseys, and I do honestly like the black here. So, why are these second to last? Look towards the middle of the jersey. Who thought it was a good idea to place “5280” in the middle of the jersey? I constantly find myself wondering why Nikola Jokic switched his number when I see these, and that’s the issue here. 

  1. Chicago Bulls – This jersey suffers from the same issue as many others in this list. The issue of simplicity. For a team that has a slew of iconic past jerseys, these are the best that they could come up with? The jersey has way too much empty space, and the placement of both the team name and player number is offsetting. I do like the all-red trim though, but that’s the only redeeming quality.

  1. Brooklyn Nets – Coming up next on Cartoon Network! Ever since I saw these jerseys, I can’t stop thinking that these come straight out of a children’s show. I understand the City jerseys Brooklyn puts out are inspired by artists in the area, but the idea can be executed so much better. These jerseys are just a complete mess— not much else to say here.

  1. Indiana Pacers – Can we please stop trying to make the fans like gradient patterns? These jerseys had so much potential. I really like the font, and the colors really do pop. It’s the gradient on the sides that just kills all of the excitement for them. They incorporated the pattern a lot better than the Heat did, but that’s not saying much.

  1. Washington Wizards – Look, even more gradient! In all seriousness, I have no idea what’s going on with these. The colors are cool, and they mix well. The awkward separation towards the middle of the jersey that divides black and gray by a thin red line was an odd choice. The medieval looking font works with its uniqueness, but these are a massive step down from the cherry blossoms.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies – These jerseys are just, really confusing. When I first saw these, I truly had no idea that they were for Memphis. Again, the issue of simplicity arises. You can’t just slap nine rectangular lines onto a jersey and expect the fans to love them. Even though the jersey itself looks hideous, at least it is mathematically correct. In roman numerals, “III” does equal “III”. 

  1. Los Angeles Lakers – I might catch some flack for this, but I’ve never really liked these Lakers throwbacks. Changing the colors of the throwbacks to black, purple and yellow helps, though. The issue I’ve had with the Lakers for years now is that the new yellow they use is ten times worse than the classic gold. That classic gold on these might have cracked the top 20. 

  1. New Orleans Pelicans – Another jersey that suffers from simplicity. The Pelicans have had some solid City jerseys in the past, but every year is left wanting more. These jerseys are supposed to celebrate the city right? What about this jersey signifies anything about the city of New Orleans? The green and just a barely noticeable purple? They don’t even look like Pelicans jerseys, they look like D-Generation X’s new shirt.

  1. Golden State Warriors – Easily the most disappointing jersey out of all 30 teams. I love everything about these jerseys. The black and yellow, the font of the numbers, the sides, everything looks great. Then you look at how “San Francisco” is written, and it just becomes a head-scratcher. If the Warriors had found almost any other way to write the city’s name out, these would be near the top ten easily. 

  1. Atlanta Hawks – The Hawks were tasked with creating a jersey with Times New Roman and 12-point font. This jersey would’ve easily netted them a 100 in English class, but it lands them at 20 in the rankings. The colors are clean, though, and they save these jerseys from being a lot lower on the list. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the font— again, it’s just way too simple.

  1. Boston Celtics – The jerseys from this point on are becoming bearable on the eyes, and Boston is starting to click on their City jerseys. For years, the team played it relatively safe with their jerseys, but now they’re starting to step out of their comfort zone. The font and overall colors on the jersey are clean, the issue here is the hardwood on the sides. I understand the meaning of it, but it doesn’t fit on the jersey at all.

  1. Dallas Mavericks – Even though these jerseys suffer from simplicity, they at least look simply clean. The dark gray combined with the white and blue colors of the Mavericks mix really well. The old western-style font for the team name is also a good touch. Again, even though these jerseys are nice, they could be so much better. There’s way too much empty space.

  1. Philadelphia 76ers – The 76ers have never really missed on a City jersey yet, and these are no different. They don’t crack the top half of the list, but by no means are these bad at all. I really do like the navy blue color of the jersey mixed with the red and white. Also, the neon look they went with for the number font is really unique and fits well with the entire jersey. Nothing to complain about, but nothing too great.

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder – These jerseys might be the most unique of the bunch, in a very good way. The orange and yellow trim pops really well, and I love how bold “OKC” is on the front. The pattern that is almost faded into the jersey include the likes of the team logo, and lightning symbols. These are really cool and different, it’s a great mix of colors and symbolism. 

  1. Los Angeles Clippers – The Clippers, like many other teams, went for a simpler look. These were executed really well, and I love the classic look of the font. Although the jerseys could definitely have used some red, these do a very good job. Definitely not one of their strongest City jerseys, but the bar was raised pretty high over the past few years. 

  1. Toronto Raptors – The Raptors continue to make Champagne Papi proud. The team yet again honors Drake with their City jerseys, and the color scheme used by “OVO” can make up for any jersey design. The overall design of their jersey is much weaker than some of their past ones, but again. The colors are simply too beautiful to rank them any lower than this on the list. It’s hard to top the classic jerseys with these colors that were put out during the 2021-2022 season. 

  1. Detroit Pistons – These jerseys should have easily been in the top five because there is so much to love. The font of “Detroit”, the black, red and white, and especially the bones on the sides of the jersey. The only feature preventing these from cracking top-five territory is the number font. The font reminds me way too much of the Spurs, with the number even being predominantly gray. Very solid jersey though for the Motor City.

  1. Portland Trail Blazers – The plaid on these jerseys is such a cool addition. The team tried to incorporate the plaid pattern on City jerseys in the past, but these are easily their best integration of it. The plaid in dark gray on the sides is a nice touch as well. If Portland can continue to find ways to use their plaid patterns on jerseys like this, they’ll find themselves near the top of almost every rankings list.

  1. Milwaukee Bucks – At first sight, the neon green trim on the jerseys was a bit odd. Milwaukee’s green has always been a lot darker, but they incorporated the lighter shade of green well on these. The bright blue of the jersey coincides well with their trademark cream color, and the classic stripe on the front is a good way to tie everything in. The nod to the “Deer District” at the bottom right of the jersey is also a pleasant nod to their fans outside the Forum.

  1. San Antonio Spurs – The Spurs are the first team in the top ten, and for good reason. The jerseys mix the feelings of the 70’s and the Old West all in one. The fonts of both the name of the city and numbers are so slick, and the orange creamsicle trim provides a very nice finish. The Spurs could easily roll out fiesta jerseys as their City jersey every year and make the top ten, so it’s impressive to find them here without that crutch.

  1. Charlotte Hornets – Charlotte once again takes a trip to Mint Street with their City jerseys. While topping the mint jerseys from the 2020-2021 NBA season is an almost impossible task, the team makes a really good attempt with these. The teal jerseys combined with a minty-gold trim makes for a beautiful combination. Also, the incorporation of a white and gold font on the jersey makes these one of the more eye-popping jerseys of the 30.

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers – Some Cavalier fans were given an early look at the City jerseys before they were released to the public. Shockingly, the reveal was met with a negative backlash from fans in attendance. That’s hard to believe, because these are stunning once you look at the details. The carpet trim combined with the burgundy and gold makes this one of the more elegant NBA jerseys ever made. The font ties it all in— a truly exceptional jersey.

  1. New York Knicks – This jersey is one of the best ones the Knicks have produced in recent memory. New York throws it back to 1998 with the dark blue and bright orange, and the shadow of the city’s font is a really cool addition. The jersey is ranked this high mainly due to the dark blue color, as that has always been one of New York’s best looks. Could we please bring those classics back permanently?

  1. Sacramento Kings – The Kings barely miss out on the top five, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sacramento uses their classic red, white, and blue color scheme again. This use of that scheme though might be their best yet. The white stripe including the team name in blue is enclosed well with a thin red stripe. No doubt the best classic City jersey of the bunch. Phenomenal job Sactown!

  1. Phoenix Suns – Phoenix starts out the top five, fast and furiously! The Suns color scheme is incorporated so well with these, and the font of “El Valle” is an eye-catcher in the best way. However, the greatest aspect of these jerseys has to be the hot-rod pattern on the sides. The signature look of decked out cars fits in seamlessly with Phoenix’s color scheme, putting these right up there with the 2020-2021 City jerseys.

  1. Houston Rockets – Take note NBA: This is how you do a classically simple jersey. Houston knocks it out of the park with these beauties, and there’s just so much to love with them. The classic style font of “H-Town” mixed with the red, white and blue trim combines to make this one of the cleanest Rockets jerseys in recent memory. They didn’t have to do much with these, and this is one of the cases where they didn’t need to do much more to make these special. 

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves – The most divisive City jersey this year. So many people have so many different opinions on these, but by my own accord? They’re absolutely breathtaking. I love the frozen lake look they go for. Even though it is technically gradient, it’s used to perfection with these. These are so icy (pun intended), and it gets them in the No. 3 spot in the rankings. 

  1. Orlando Magic – Picking between this jersey and the number one jersey was easily the toughest decision on these rankings. This jersey joins some very elite company as one of the best Magic jerseys ever made. From the font of the city name and the numbers, to the pinstripes and star, this jersey has it all. In almost any other year in recent memory, these City jerseys would’ve taken the first spot. All the respect to Orlando for these!

  1. Utah Jazz – The best City jersey for the 2023-2024 NBA season has to go to the Utah Jazz. This jersey is simply incredible. The bright purple, the mountains, that classic “Utah” font, everything comes together to make this the best of the bunch. Utah has some of the worst regular jerseys in the league, so these should be a further indication that the team should permanently switch back to these colors.

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