Redick’s Potential Return to Philly Better on Paper Than Principle


According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the New Orleans Pelicans have made shooting guard J.J. Redick available in trade discussion.

It is seldom that players become trade pieces to previous teams, but Redick had career-best seasons with Philadelphia.

Before Philly, Redick was a recognized sharpshooter on productive teams with the Los Angeles Clippers and coach Doc Rivers. Upon his arrival in 2017, Redick added a new dimension to the Sixers’ roster. He became a tremendous partner to young star Joel Embiid, and the new teammates and system supremely benefitted him. He made the most of the opportunity, as he posted career highs in field goal attempts and points per game over his two seasons in the City of Brotherly Love.

Redick’s shooting was a substantial lift that helped the otherwise-youthful Sixers into the playoffs in his first season. While Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris‘s acquisitions made the Sixers a contender the following year, Redick’s sniper-like accuracy from deep helped bring the team together on all three levels of offense. The 2018-19 season ended in disappointment, but Philadelphia seemingly wasn’t far away, as they were only four bounces away from the Eastern Conference Finals.

The 2019 Offseason

Unfortunately, that Sixers team did not get the chance to run it back. Elton Brand sent Butler to Miami, and Redick knew he was not returning. The news upset Redick and the fans, and the loss of his partner disgruntled Embiid. The video below is from The Old Man and the Three, where Embiid and Redick discuss their two-man game, and Embiid hints at his frustration with Redick “leaving him.”

The Unfortunate Reality

It would be awesome to see the Sixers trade for Redick and see him back in a Philadelphia jersey. He would be a positive locker-room presence again, and it would please Embiid.

Objectively speaking, however, the trade does not make sense for the Sixers. Redick was undoubtedly productive in his two-year stint, averaging 17.6 points per game and shooting 40.7% from three-point range. Possibly even more impressive, he was 33 and 34 years old when he put up those impressive stats.

With that disclaimer said, the adage still holds– Father Time is undefeated. He is finally showing his age this year, as his shooting splits are down significantly (34% from the field and 30% from three-point land).

A Rough Price Tag

On top of the declining play, Redick is making a cool $13 million this year. That salary does not work well for the Sixers as they are already over the luxury tax. Danny Green may not be the shooter he was from his days in San Antonio, but his defense is far superior to Redick’s. Plus, New Orleans may not be keen on taking Green’s expiring deal unless picks were involved. Furkan Korkmaz may seem like a fitting candidate to exchange for Redick, but he is thirteen years younger than Redick and has shown flashes of shot-creation that the Sixers need.

The Sixers are thriving right now atop the Eastern Conference. While this fan favorite back in Philly would be nice, hampering or losing valuable assets in the process isn’t ideal. Patience is a virtue, and I implore my fellow Sixers fans to employ it as the season is still young with many surprises to come.

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