Russell Westbrook Took A Shot At Durant?


On November 3rd Kevin Durant played against his former team the Oklahoma City Thunder for the first time since he left them last summer in free agency. Durant absolutely put on a show against his former team matching his career high with seven 3-pointers and finishing with 39 points on the night. Outside of Golden State’s 122-96 victory, the main story was Westbrook’s photograph attire. People remember during Super Bowl 50; Durant was part of the media as the photographer. So, Westbrook arriving at the game last night with a photographer bid started speculation of whether Westbrook was trying to throw a shot at Kevin Durant.



Before the game Westbrook was asked by the media about the matter. Westbrook decided to take the high road stating “there’s no particular reason. There’s no story about it.” Maybe Westbrook was telling the truth, but then again you never know. Westbrook also said “I don’t wear anything for nobody. I wear what I want to wear, when I want to wear it.” We also saw how Durant did his talking on the court last night with his impressive play but also getting into a verbal altercation with Enes Kanter. After the game Kevin finally responded to the altercation with Kanter “You talk to me, I talk back.” I don’t really say much but if you start, I’ll finish it.” Kevin also responded to the questions surrounding Westbrook’s photographer bid.

 “I don’t care what anybody wear to the game, man. I don’t care what he wore.” Kevin is right on this matter. Why are we wasting time talking about what Westbrook wore to the game? Like who cares? Instead we should be talking how great Golden State looked on defense giving up a season low 96 points. Not only that but the Warriors looked like the juggernaut type of offense we expected to see.  Durant surely got the last laugh in the first of many matchups against his former team.

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