“Seven” Will Never Be Just Another Number


“this s*** gotta stop!!”

– Ja Morant

Now usually I Am A Man of many words, but instead of the creative angles I’ve used in prior articles to entertain and inform, this is gonna be different.

No cute metaphors or drawn out analogies.

Instead, I just want to acknowledge the truly historic moment that took place August 26th, 2020.

The National Basketball Association stopped their playoffs(!) to stand for Injustice.

The moment was led by a majority of young men — who without the benefit of an NBA jersey — would be subjected to some of the same scrutiny that they now stand in Unity against.

As I witnessed other sports around the country (WNBA, MLB, etc.) follow suit in not playing games after Jacob Blake was shot in the back by a police officer seven times, I fully understood the magnitude of the moment.

Shutting up and dribbling just ain’t gon’ cut it this time.

I’m not here to tell y’all how to feel, because with the climate being as extreme as it’s ever been, I know that’s a futile exercise.

I’m also not here to pour over every detail of this latest Human rights issue. There are other avenues of the internet for y’all to catch yourselves up.

But what I do want to say is that…I’m proud.

I’m proud to see good people still exist on my feeds and timelines.

I’m proud to hear good people speaking up, because for far too long, the loudest in the room have been the weakest as is usually the case.

I’m proud that my son is getting to witness his sports heroes showing there’s more to the game than scoring points. It’s also about making points that help bring light to the greater good.

I know I said no metaphors earlier but this one just hit me. So I will end this article on a basketball note that most can relate to even if they don’t necessarily want to.

Fouls are being committed at a disproportionate rate against a certain team but the calls aren’t being made.

Whether it’s the ineptitude of the “officials”, lack of proper training, or the fact that some just don’t mind tucking in their whistles and looking the other way the calls have been lopsided and it’s affecting the game.

The players and all the Good people have had enough and the green light has been lit.

Once the Bubble stood still, the official challenge was submitted.

Let’s just hope after this most recent review, We all make the right call.

About Reggie Walker Junior

I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. After attending the University of Tennessee at Martin, I became the Sports Director at an ABC affiliate in Jackson, TN. I've covered the NBA, NFL, and also Div. 1 hoops. I'm a Grizzlies fan but I aint bias, so expect nothing but the #SportsReal from me.

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