Shaq Says Kobe Is The Greatest Player Since Jordan


As Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant retires, many of us have wondered who was truly the better player.  Or an even more popular debate, who is better between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant?

The one guy who has played with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, is Shaquille O’Neal.  Shaq has not only played with all of these guys, but he’s also battled against Tim Duncan throughout his career.  These are all legendary players, who have made their mark in the NBA the last 20 years.

Shaq was featured on Espn’s First Take, and Max Kellerman asked Shaq an interesting question, on who he thinks is the greatest player since Michael Jordan.  Take a look.

There we have it folks, Kobe Bryant is the greatest player since Jordan.  But seriously.  It’s funny that Shaq thinks this highly of Kobe considering their rocky relationship in the past.  Although you can argue that LeBron is right there, as he just won another ring.  But many people might say that LeBron has already surpassed Kobe.  It will be interesting to see where LeBron ends on the all-time list, because it doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down anytime soon.

But what’s even more impressive about Shaq’s interview, is that Shaq told Kobe to score 50 in his farewell game, and Kobe dropped 60!  That exemplifies the greatness of the Mamba.

Yes it’s just his personal opinion, but Shaq has played with alot of legends during his career, so he’s very credible when it comes to these debates.

As Shaq enters the Hall of Fame along with Yao Ming and Allen Iverson, where does he and Kobe rank on the All-Time dyanmic duo list?  Shaq was the most dominate force we have seen since Wilt Chamberlain.  If Shaq wouldn’t have left LA, he and Kobe would have 5-6 rings together.  It’s pretty accurate if you have them as the best dynamic duo ever.

At the end of the day, it’s great to see Shaq and Kobe back on good terms.   Both guys clearly respect each other, and they recognize what they had will never be duplicated.

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Aaron is a staff writer and the Co-Founder of NBALEAD. He has been following the NBA for over 15 years. Graduated from Purdue University.

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