Sixers Pay Tribute to Historic Site in City Edition Jersey


After weeks of teasing, the Philadelphia 76ers revealed their city edition jerseys on Tuesday morning, paying tribute to the iconic Boathouse Row in Philadelphia.


Though the jerseys were highly anticipated, they were met with mixed reviews from fans. Most fans expected a throwback to the 2000s-era black jerseys. Sixers legend Allen Iverson stoked the flames of this rumor, teasing the uniform on Twitter. Regardless, the Ben Simmons-designed uniforms are here, so it’s time to take a dive into what makes them unique.

The Origins

The origins of this uniform date back to 2017, when Sixers president Chris Heck challenged Ben Simmons on Twitter: Win the Rookie of the Year Award, and get to design a uniform.


Simmons won ROY in 2018, but no news of a Simmons-inspired jersey followed. Fast forward to 2020, and Heck returned with a follow-up, confirming Simmons’s involvement with a new design, and the Sixers’ social media team followed with weeks of teaser videos. The videos showed scenes with Boathouse Row and driving down I-76 at night. The final teaser featured Ben Simmons walking in to see the jerseys for the first time. Simmons wanted to bring back black jerseys to the franchise, but needed to add his own flair. Previous editions of alternate uniforms have covered several aspects of Philadelphia’s history, from colors that match the Declaration of Independence to colors that match Rocky Balboa’s sweatpants. Between the recent history of alternate jerseys and the teasing, the bar was set high for Ben’s design.

Attention to Detail

The best features of this jersey lies in its attention to detail. The most prominent feature is the outline of Boathouse Row. The black jersey acts as a night sky backdrop for the lights on the houses. A faint reflection of the houses is visible under the outline, representing the Schuylkill River. Hidden within the outline directly above the “D” in Philadelphia is a subtle nod to The Process, where the letters “TTP” are etched into the lights. On the shorts, the trademark “Unite or Die” snake hides at the leg opening.

The color scheme meshes very well. The blue and red stripes on the outside of the jersey compliment the black well. The blue shadow under the city name and number on the jersey adds some necessary flair. The shorts, while standard, compliment the rest of the look and don’t distract from the top. The jersey boasts a clean look, which avoids the messy feeling that many other City Edition jerseys give off.

A New Court

The latest City Edition jersey comes with a new alternate court to grace the Wells Fargo Center. While fan reactions were mixed on the jerseys, most fans love the new court. “Philadelphia, USA” on the baseline adds a nice touch not commonly seen when talking about US cities. The baseline font borrows directly from the jersey, adding a nice continuity between the two. The blue and red stripes along the sideline accent the black details very well. On the court, blue clashes with black in the paint. The “Wells Fargo Center” name moves from the court to the sideline, centered at mid-court.

Overall, the Sixers could’ve done worse with these jerseys. The idea of a new jersey paying tribute to a city landmark is great, and more in line with what a “City Edition” uniform should be. Fans will argue about whether Boathouse Row was the “right” choice, and those arguments are justified. Where the jerseys disappoint, the court makes up for it with its clean design. While many fans feel disappointment with the absence of throwback jerseys, the door remains open for them to return in the future. For now, let’s enjoy what Ben and the rest of the creative team are giving us for the upcoming campaign.


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As a Pennsylvania native, Penn State grad, and diehard Sixers fan, I'm very excited to cover the team and usher in the next chapter of the Process.

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