Stephen Jackson: “I Will Be Back In The NBA”


The 14 year veteran Stephen Jackson (38), who have announced his retirement last summer, says that he will be back in the NBA next season.

Jackson who last played with the Los Angeles Clippers during the 2013-2014 NBA season, made his announcement on his Instagram account.

“I just want to let everybody know that I will be back in the NBA this year,” Jackson said.  “I can’t say exactly what’s going on right now, because you know, people try to run with stuff and everything’s not locked in yet, but I will be back in the NBA this year. So to everybody that’s been supporting me, praying for me, I appreciate it. The haters, I appreciate ya’ll too, because ya’ll motivated me to prove ya’ll wrong.”


It seems as if a lot of the recently retired veterans are trying to make a comeback, first Derek Fisher, now Stephen Jackson.  Maybe these nice contracts have something to do with it?  Whatever the case may be let’s see if “Cap’n Jack” can find his way on an NBA roster.

About Aaron Davis

Aaron is a staff writer and the Co-Founder of NBALEAD. He has been following the NBA for over 15 years. Graduated from Purdue University.

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