Suns Finally Getting Their Flowers


From the defending champs, to the MVP of the league.

Relentlessly, there is seeming to be nothing that can stand in the way of the Phoenix Suns’ war path. This postseason is finally giving the fellas a chance to throw a coming-out party to the league, and it’s one for the ages.

Contagious Chemistry

True care and accountability for one another is something every true champion must have. While the Suns may be a unique team to be a contender, they have shown true colors of what champions are made of. Head coach Monty Williams has instilled a true gritty mindset into the heads of these players. “Montyisms” have become a theme across post game zoom calls, interviews and all over the Suns franchise. Phrases or actions that come right off the top of Monty’s head, but are worth more than meets the eye.

“Can’t get happy on the farm”

“Everything we want is on the other side of hard”

He even went as far as to give them literal screws, to reference they need to “tighten things up”

Interpret them as you will, but every player believes every word. These players are playing for more than themselves. They’re playing for their coach, each other, and their entire city. From the top to the bottom of this lineup, they’ve bought in. From Cameron Johnson to Torrey Craig, you can read about these guys and see the impact they were going to have from a mile away.

Vintage Playoff Point God

Although Chris Paul‘s health gave us all a scare in the first round against the Lakers, it seems as though he has healed up enough to give us all a show. As the Suns are currently sitting with a 3-0 series lead on the Nuggets, CP3 has shown dominance in each of the three games so far. At the ripe age of 36, he is one of three players of that age to have at least 65 points, 34 assists and only three turnovers in a three-game span in the Playoffs, ever.

It’s only him, Magic Johnson and John Moore.

Paul has done it TWICE now. Elite company. Absolute foolishness. This man, time after time again, has gone against Father Time. This year more than ever maybe, playing just about all 72 games and making his way through the playoffs with nothing too” serious thus far. *knocks on wood*

Devin Armani Booker

Our “Son of the Valley” is currently giving the national stage the performances it deserves. His offensive game is reaching new levels. His playmaking is at an all-time high, reading defenses like never before. He is making cross court passes — with either hand — with ease. Also, the way he has enhanced his scoring ability (making the tough shots fall, while also spotting himself up in the right locations for spot up threes) is growth we love to see.

The pull-up threes he is showcasing is only going to be another thing coming. He is currently averaging 27.2 points, 4.9 assists, and 6.3 rebounds a game in the playoffs, and has continued to be a staple of the Suns offensive fluidity.

Shout-out David (@theIVpointplay) for this great breakdown of what exactly Book is seeing out there.

Deandre is Leaving His Mark in the Postseason

Deandre Ayton may really be “playing for the bag” as one might say. Eligible for his extension in the offseason, his stellar play couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for him to do so. Ayton has put up historical numbers this postseason, as he is shooting an astounding 72% from the field this postseason. This makes him the only player ever, in their first nine playoff games, to shoot at LEAST 65% from the field with the minutes he’s getting.

Makes his 72% seem even more wild, huh? Blowing records out the water. He has also recorded at least 10 rebounds in seven of his nine playoff games– three of them with 15+.

Pure dominance and maturity.

Not to mention, Ayton has done all this while also playing picture-perfect defense against the one-of-a-kind LeBron James, and currently, the MVP of the league, Nikola Jokic. Solidifying himself as a “need” for this team rather than a “want”. All in all, Ayton is in a perfect place to continue to capitalize on not only his play, but his money coming to him later.

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The Valley is Back

Honestly, one of the best things about how good the Suns are again, is how AMAZING the fans have been with the momentum. From each and every bucket, down to every last defensive stop, the Talking Stick turns into a mad house– ultimately giving the Suns the best home-court advantage in the league. The passion from these fans range from old souls that have battled through the good and the bad times, to new Suns fans that are finally experiencing their first taste of high-level, successful basketball.

With the Suns being one of the arenas allowing the most fans back, they have the real home-court advantage not many others do. It is paying off in loads. This one-of-a-kind atmosphere is propelling this team to new heights, and deterring opponents like no other. All the players and coaches have given the fans their credit, implying the juice it gives them.


One thing, however, that has brought old and young fans together, is the installation of Twitter trend “#ChuggingWithTheFellas”. This is a trend started by Twitter user @SergingSuns (Serg Caraveo) that first started as fans posting videos of themselves chugging beers (or other beverages and/or partaking in other means of relaxation) after Suns wins. As the Suns success continues, the trend has only evolved to be bigger than basketball.

While its still a theme of posting chugging videos after wins, it has turned into much more. After Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals, all of Suns Twitter teamed up to raise donations to support “One-N-Ten”, an organization dedicated to supporting local youth LGBTQ+. For every “chug” video posted, $1 was added to a total that would be donated by other Suns Twitter users @thrillathechase (Chase) and @kaiti3bug (Kaitlin Candles).

In the end, everyone was able to raise over $2200 dollars.

Which just goes to show, this town, is a Suns town. When they show out, the fans will show out even harder.

The love this city has for this years Suns team is the most genuine you can get. Just a community thankful for the spark this squad his given them throughout the year. After having to shamefully wear Suns gear and being ridiculed for rooting for “empty stats” these last few years, we are finally receiving our flowers.

More deserved than ever.

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