The Best of Bucks Twitter Through 11 Games


Bucks Twitter is a real thing and it’s amazing … sometimes. If you’re active on Twitter, then you know what we mean. In just a single 48-hour span, you’ll see incredible mood swings from fans.

From the massive overreactions about contracts, insane tweets about Giannis and his free throw airballs, incredible hatred for specific players and, after a great win, immediate predictions of the Bucks holding the Larry O’Brien trophy at season’s end.

It moves fast, it’s intense and, in most cases, it’s comical. Since we’re through 11 games, including a few bad losses (everyone needs to relax β€” there are 71 more games), we’ve decided to take a look at the 3 of the most massive overreactions from Bucks fans on Twitter.


Let’s be real, Khris Middleton is a very good NBA player. In fact, he’s an All-Star. Let’s all agree that these people are overreacting and it’s pretty funny.


But isn’t this timely?

Earlier this week, we learned that Middleton suffered a thigh contusion that will likely keep him out of the Bucks lineup for 3-4 weeks. But prior to Middleton’s leg injury, it was clear that Bucks fans were NOT happy with his production.

Middleton β€” an All-Star last season β€” is currently averaging 18.5 points, 5.7 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game. And to many Bucks fans, apparently, this means he sucks. Let’s take a deeper look.

Last year, in 77 games played, Middleton averaged 18.3 points, 6.0 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game. By the numbers, it seems that Middleton is having a year quite similar to his All-Star performance in 2018-19? Sure, we’re paying him more this year. But did anyone expect the (almost) max dollars to magically turn Middleton into a 27, 8 and 5 guy? If so, that’s just not very realistic.

We know he is turning the ball over a bit more than we’d like, but through 11 games this year his turnover numbers are EXACTLY the same as last year. Middleton is also shooting 46% from the field, 88% from the line and 39% from three. Take a guess on how these numbers compare to his All-Star season. If you guessed that his shooting percentage in all three phases is BETTER than last year, then you were correct.

Let’s all take a second to appreciate Khris Middleton as the sidekick to our MVP. That’s what he is. And he’s good at it. We had no choice but to pay him. Losing Middleton this past off-season would have been a major setback for the Bucks and most logical fans will absolutely agree. Sure, he committed a costly turnover in Utah last week and got lost on defense which resulted in the game-winner, but enough with the Middleton slander; we’ll all wish he was available for the next 3-4 weeks.

Also, don’t forget that when the lights shine brighter come playoff time, Middleton has proven to be a big-time player for Milwaukee.


Let’s jump back onto Twitter for a second. Oh, Eric Bledsoe sucks at basketball, too? These guys definitely think so.


Listen, Eric Bledsoe doesn’t suck and we know Bucks fans don’t REALLY believe that.

Bledsoe had an incredible regular season last year. The former Kentucky Wildcat played at an extremely high level in 2018-19 and was one of the best on-ball defenders in the league. Sure, he disappeared in the playoffs and “playoff Bledsoe” became a thing.

Early this season, he’s looked, at times, like “playoff Bledsoe.” But let’s remember that he missed time this pre-season due to a rib injury, so maybe he’s hitting his stride?

Plus, take a look at the bright side β€” while many people think we chose Bledsoe over Brogdon, this simply isn’t the case. We could have retained both by going into the luxury tax. The Bucks chose not to do so. But what the Bucks did do is lock up a quality NBA point guard on a team-friendly deal at just about $16 million per year β€” not a bad deal for an incredible defender and a guy who, when locked in, can dominate at the position with superior athleticism and strength.

Sure, he’s had some rough games and stupid plays so far, but let’s not rush to judgment quite yet.

Oh, and don’t look now, but Bledsoe dropped 31 last night against the Bulls and looked quite good doing so. Keep that in mind before your next “Bledsoe sucks” tweet.


Last year was incredible. It was like a fairytale. Nothing bad happened until the Eastern Conference Finals. The Bucks were absolutely dominant on the court and became one of the best statistical teams of all time. But when the team blew a few large leads early this season, some fans were in absolute panic mode on Bucks Twitter.


Last year, Bucks fans were obsessed with talking about how we finally had a “real coach.” Coach Bud brought the Bucks and Giannis back to life and implemented a system that matched up with how today’s game NEEDS to be played. Fans couldn’t get enough of Brook Lopez launching from deep and Giannis speeding down the court with wings surrounding him ready to fire from behind the arc. So, what changed? Well, absolutely nothing changed.

Through the first 10 games, not including the most recent win against Chicago, the Bucks are 5th in offensive rating (this measures offensive efficiency and points per 100 possessions). The Bucks are also 1st in the league in effective field goal percentage (this measures field goal percentage while also accounting for the fact that three-point shots count for more than two-point shots)Β at 55.3%.

The team is also playing at the 2nd fastest pace in the league β€” trailing only the Houston Rockets β€” while also landing in the top-10 in defensive rating.

The Bucks system is fine. The three-point shooting is also not an issue. The Bucks are shooting 35% from behind the arc through the first 10 games. If you’re wondering what the Bucks shot from deep over 82 games last year, look no further β€” 35%.

The team is 8-3 and just came off a tough west coast road trip. Things will be JUST fine.


We couldn’t include them all, but here are a few other comical overreactions from the early-season games via Bucks Twitter.

  • The Bucks have no chance to win the title without Malcolm Brogdon
  • The Bucks have no chance to re-sign Giannis; he’s as good as gone
  • Giannis can’t play in crunch time because of his free throw shooting

But remember, we urge you to avoid overreacting in the early stages just like Paul Pierce did during last year’s playoff series against his Celtics. We all know how that worked out.

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