The Pistons Added Intelligence and Creativity to Its’ Front Office


This offseason, the Detroit Pistons have been looking to rebuild the teams roster and its staff. Since the teams departure with former head coach and president of basketball operations, Stan Van Gundy, the Pistons have been actively trying to get the front office out of shambles.

In doing so, the Pistons hired former Warriors’ Manager of Analytics, Sammy Gelfand earlier last month, according to Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press. Gelfand was responsible for analyzing in-game statistics on both offense and defense. His work became the mastermind behind roster changes (i.e. lineups and rotations). Gelfand earned the reputation of being “The Left Side of Steve Kerr’s brain”, according to the New York Times.

In recent news, the Detroit Pistons hired Sachin Gupta as the teams new assistant general manager, per Shams Sharania.

Along with Gelfand, Sachin Gupta has a nice resume. As stated, Gupta has previously worked with the Rockets and the Sixers, both are amongst the top competitors in their respective conference. Gupta is well-known for his development of the NBA Trade Machine. With that being said, Gupta has been behind many trades that took place during his time with the Sixers, per The Detroit Free Press. Sachin Gupta also has a good track record in analytics and salary cap, which is one of the Pistons key problems.

The Detroit Pistons added two smart guys with great experience to the front office. Both, Gelfand and Gupta have played an important role with their last teams’. Gelfand worked with the defending champs and Gupta worked with two different teams who have been rising up as top competitors in the recent years.

Hopefully, these two men can bring their intelligence and skill set to the Pistons front office and help the team compete at a high level.

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