Top Candidates for 2017 NBA MIP Award


Russell Westbrook

Last season Russell Westbrook averaged amazing stats and was arguably the best point guard in the NBA. But now Kevin Durant, a former NBA MVP, has left the Oklahoma City Thunder and joined the Golden State Warriors. Russell Westbrook will now be the unquestioned leader for his team and he is outraged due to Kevin Durant’s “Betrayal.” Because of his new level of responsibility and determination, Russell Westbrook’s stats will more than likely become better than anyone else’s and he will have a great opportunity to become the NBA Most Improved Player.

Russell Westbrook’s 2015-16 NBA Season Averages: 21.5 PPG 7.6 APG 5.6 RPG and 1.7 SPG

Russell Westbrook’s Projected Stats for 2016-17 NBA Season: 28.5 PPG 10.2 APG 8.2 RPG and 2.0 SPG

Harrison Barnes

Last season Harrison Barnes was on the 73-9 Golden State Warriors, but he did not have a large role on the team. Now Kevin Durant joined the Warriors and Barnes was basically forced to leave. Harrison Barnes ended up signing with the Dallas Mavericks where he will have a much bigger role on a team that needs a future star player. Harrison Barnes will see an improvement in minutes and shot opportunities.

Harrison Barnes’ 2015-16 NBA Season Averages: 11.7 PPG 4.9 RPG and 1.8 APG

Harrison Barnes’ Projected Stats for 2016-17 NBA Season: 16.4 PPG 5.3 RPG and 2.0 APG

Dion Waiters

The Miami Heat have lost their long time star Dwyane Wade and they are attempting to fill the void he left with Dion Waiters. Dion Waiters has spent the majority of his career on the bench, but due to his new role in Miami he will see several more shot opportunities and a bigger leading role. And with the scoring ability we saw from Waiters’ in the playoffs he could easily end up being the NBA MIP.

Dion Waiters 2015-16 NBA Season Averages: 9.8 PPG 2.6 RPG 2.0 APG and 1.0 SPG

Dion Waiters’ Projected Stats for 2016-17 NBA Season: 16.2 PPG 3.0 APG and 1.4 SPG

Victor Oladipo

Last season Victor Oladipo was an Orlando Magic and he had several scoring opportunities, but his backcourt teammate was Elfrid Payton. Payton is a decent passing teammate, but his ability to get others involved is nothing compared to the regularly unselfish, Russell Westbrook. Another reason Oladipo will find himself scoring more this season is because he is on an all-around better team and defenses will have a harder time focusing on him.

Victor Oladipo’s 2015-16 NBA Season Averages: 16.0 PPG 4.8 RPG 3.9 APG and 1.6 SPG

Victor Oladipo’s Projected Stats for 2016-17 NBA Season: 19.5 PPG 4.4 RPG 4.4 APG and 1.7 SPG

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