It’s Time For the Jazz to Change Their Jerseys


After letting the changes sink in, it’s officially time for the Utah Jazz organization to change the home color scheme and make the Nike City Edition jerseys the ones that they wear when playing in Salt Lake City. Not only that, but I am also calling for them to keep the alternate court featuring the arches from a national park in Southern Utah as well as the colors that come with that as well.

The sunset look is so much more fitting for where they play, and it is a far better representation of the geography than anything blue, gold, and white could come to represent. To be honest, though, I didn’t like the look at first — but then I realized it was because those were the right colors.

Add to the whole situation the fact that Utah never changed their mascot to something more Utah-oriented after the franchise moved to Salt Lake City from New Orleans, which has been strange when you think about it, but they’ve made it work. In my opinion, if they’re not going to change the mascot, at least change the color scheme and uniforms while you have the chance.

This isn’t something that would be as dramatic or drastic if the Lakers one day decided to just go with a completely different color scheme. In fact, one team that has benefited a great deal from a uniform overhaul is the Minnesota Timberwolves. They went for a different type of everything except the mascot.

Another reason for Utah to consider the major switch up is the fact that they’ve finally got a potential superstar in the making. Donovan Mitchell’s now a front-runner for Rookie of the Year, has a dunk contest title under his belt, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Give the team a sense of pride that starts when the Mitchell era also began. If there were a better time for a transition, they would’ve had it by now.

About Keith Rivas

Keith is based In Salt Lake City and covers the Jazz for TLSM. Follow him on Twitter @mrkeithrivas for all things Utah Jazz.

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