Warriors Take Game 2 132-113 To Go Up 2-0 As The Series Now Shifts To Cleveland


Golden State pulled out another win in convincing fashion; this time at the right time. With a score or 132 – 113 Golden State pulled away late in the 3rd after only leading by three at the half. It was a showcase of their overall talent and chemistry.

Cleveland kept it interesting throughout 2 quarters but their only lead came in the first quarter by 6 and that lead quickly left as the game went on. Golden State demanded that Cleveland guard everybody. Warriors shot 41% (18/43) from deep to a blistering 27% (8/29) from Cleveland. Even though Clevelands others got going a little with 30 from the bench, the team looked winded against this horse powered offense.

Kevin Love was the focus for the Cavs offense and getting him going early helped him get going late. He dropped 27 on 12-23 shooting from the field on 2-7 shooting from deep, but he only grabbed 7 rebounds; a little far cry from the 15 he grabbed in Game 1. Can’t switch from one thing and do another. To win against the Warriors you have to do both.

Lebron James was LeBron James recording another finals triple double to tie Magic Johnson (8) for most finals triple doubles. With 29 points on 12-18 shooting, 14 rebounds, 11 assist, three steals and one triple.

Cleveland led the playoffs with tremendous offensive numbers but against these Warriors they have been out-of-wack. From 118 PPG to 102 PPG vs these Warriors in the Finals. Kyrie Irving was somewhat “exposed” against the defense off Klay Thompson and seemed oblivious to the offense with Thompson guarding him.

Irving scored 19 on 8/23 shooting with 7 assist in 40 minutes. Majority of the time Thompson was guarding him. But on the opposite side of the ball; Thompson was just as spectacular on the opposite side of the ball. Dropping 22 points in 37 minutes on 4/7 shooting from deep looking like the Klay Thompson we all know and love.

While Thompson was great on both ends; his counterpart was just as legendary. Curry cooked LeBron, Curry hit from deep, Curry moved his feet, Curry moved off-screens, Curry was amazing. He recorded his first playoff triple double of his career dropping 32 on 7-17 shooting and 4-11 shooting from deep. Along with 10 rebounds and 11 assist Curry was locked in every possession; and Kevin Durant was not behind him either.

Durant filled the box score with 33 on 13-22 shooting with 13 rebounds, six assist, five blocks, and three steals. Draymond Green was asked about their play of late and he said they are “more locked in than he’s ever seen them in their life”. Being quoted by many as “the greatest duo ever” they sure are living up the that mantra. But their greatest test has yet to come. Game 3 is in Quicken Loans and the boos of Cleveland fans run a million miles and when you put Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green in the same arena? Confidence will be the key for Game 3.

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