Warriors Unanimously Vote not to Visit the White House


A few months ago, Shaun Livingston stated that if the Warriors won the championship, he would not go to the White House. After winning their second championship in 3 years, it appears Livingston is not alone.

According to sources, the new NBA Champs have unanimously voted to skip this years White House visit.

The decision, if true, is not a surprising one. Steve Kerr, head coach of the Warriors was vocal of Donald Trump and his policies this season, and he was not alone. David West, Steph Curry and multiple NBA figures from players to coaches vocalized how they felt about the new President throughout this season.

The source that stated the decision was made comes from this tweet sent by @RefromedBroker


If the Warriors indeed skip the White House visit, they will join a few members of the NFL Champion New England Patriots who skipped their visit and share their sentiment.

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