What Does The NBA’s Future Forecast?


Betting on basketball is growing in popularity.

While it may never reach the same popularity level as NFL betting, we’re likely to see continued growth in NBA betting over the next decade. This is largely due to sports betting being a relatively young industry in the United States and basketball hasn’t had the same leg up that football had from Fantasy Football.

Whether or not you choose to bet on basketball, it’s exciting to track the early careers of promising young players. We will take a look at some of the up-and-coming stars that could be the future of the NBA right now.

The Golden State Warriors claimed their fourth title in eight years last season. This is due in large part to the talents and leadership abilities of Stephen Curry. In a similar period of time, LeBron James has led his teams to four NBA championships as well. James is generally regarded as the greatest basketball player of his generation, and for some— history.

These two powerhouse players are both in their mid-30s and unlikely to still be playing in five to 10 years. Other major stars like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic are in their late-20s and building to the peak of their careers.

Where will that leave the game in the coming years? What future stars will get to spend time on the court with their icons and have the opportunity to learn from them?

Rookies and young draft prospects are surprisingly difficult to judge. No matter how talented a player may appear, they may choke once they’re playing professionally. Conversely, some players who look mediocre simply haven’t hit their stride yet. Trying to bet on rookie potential is a tricky business.

The Next Generation’s Best

Mobley Making The League Nervous

Nearly every list of 2021-22 draft picks has placed Evan Mobley at the top.

The Cleveland Cavaliers center has made a stunning debut and become an essential part of the team’s three-big-man lineup. Not only is he one of the best young defenders in the game, he can create opportunities for himself and others. Despite his youth, he’s already developed an eye for when to shoot or attack and when to pass to a better-placed teammate.

The 21-year-old looks to build on his 15.0 points, 8.3 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 1.7 blocks per contest this year.

Barnes Is Just Fun To Watch

The Toronto Raptors surprised bettors and draft followers when they chose Scottie Barnes ahead of some higher-ranked prospects.

Barnes has rewarded the team’s faith in him. His speed and intelligence makes him a serious threat. He is one of the most versatile and athletic young players today, averaging 15.3 points (49% FG, 30% 3PT, 74% FT), 7.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.1 steals across 35.4 minutes per contest his rookie season.

And put simply, he is fun to watch!

If he continues to improve his three-point shot, he’ll become as dangerous as the rest and a star in the coming years.

Cunningham Embodies Modern Hoops

Cade Cunningham is the perfect player for the NBA’s modern style of play.

The Detroit Pistons were so confident about this that he became their No. 1 draft selection last season. He started the season on the wrong foot, as a sprained ankle kept him from playing for several weeks, forcing him to spend the rest of the season making up for lost time. While his shooting percentage dipped and is far lower than anticipated (41%), he’s already become a major asset to the team.

One of his best qualities is he grinds. If he maintains this, Motor City is in for a nostalgic time.

Class of 2023 Awaits

There are also some very talented new players who will be starting this coming season.

Jabari Smith Jr. has been put forward as the potential NBA Rookie of the Year for 2023. Standing at 6’10” and with an athleticism that is very impressive in a raw recruit, Smith is likely to make an immediate impact for the Houston Rockets.

Paolo Banchero and Jaden Ivey are also both contenders for Rookie of the Year as well. Banchero helped lead Duke to the Final 4 in his freshman year and Ivey has been steadily improving over the course of his college career.

He might not immediately shine with the Pistons, but we expect to see him making major contributions to the team in two to three years.

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